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Office of Disability Services

It is our mission to remove barriers and ensure equal access for all qualified students with disabilities. Read the complete mission statement and goals.

Our Services

Services to students with disabilities are designed to level the playing field for those students and to ensure access by providing accommodations. Services are provided when deemed necessary and reasonable for a particular student and are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Accommodations Plan/Accommodations Letters

Accommodations Plans are created collaboratively with the student and ODS. From that plan, Accommodations Letters are generated for each class and specifies appropriate classroom accommodations, which may include:

  • alternative testing arrangements,
  • extended time,
  • reduced-distraction testing rooms,
  • readers,
  • scribes,
  • alternative format materials (such as handouts and textbooks in PDF or Braille),
  • use of a word processor,
  • recorders,
  • SmartPens,
  • captioning of videos,
  • interpreters, or assistive technology.

Accommodations Letters inform instructors of approved modifications. It is your (the student's) responsibility to deliver the letters to your instructors and to initiate discussion about your accommodations. ODS will be available for consultations with faculty and meetings with students and faculty upon request. Accommodations must be reviewed and new letters generated each semester in which you are enrolled.

Testing Accommodations

Students with documented disabilities may sometimes require alternative testing accommodations. These accommodations are designed to adjust testing conditions to validly measure what the student with a disability has learned rather than measuring the impact of the student's disability.

The most common testing accommodations include: extended time (time-and-a-half or double time); a reduced-distraction testing environment; use of a reader or text-to-speech software; use of a computer; use of a scribe or speech-to-text software; or exams given using alternate materials (such as Braille or large print).

Get information on how to arrange for testing.

Priority Registration

Students registered with ODS will be allowed priority registration. Registering for classes as early as possible enables ODS to provide you with the best possible services in a timely manner. Please see the Advising Center website for information on registration.

Advocacy Assistance

ODS is available to provide support and advocacy to address the unique personal and academic issues of students with disabilities. ODS does not provide therapy, counseling, or psychological evaluations, but we can refer you to appropriate sources as needed.

Other services/assistance available

  • Alternate format textbooks and materials: ODS can provide alternate format textbooks and materials if this is agreed upon in your Accommodations Plan.
  • Computer services include: identifying and locating text-to-speech or speech-to-text software; identifying and using other accessibility features (such as magnification).
  • Assistive technology: ODS has available for loan a limited number of assistive technology devices, such as digital recorder, SmartPens, FM listening systems, and others.
  • Interpretive services: Sign-language or CART services can be arranged through ODS.
  • Housing: Requests for special housing considerations for students with disabilities should be made through Residential Living. link to Residential Living:
  • Accommodations for temporary disabilities: If you have a temporary disability due to an injury or illness, ODS can provide some accommodations on a temporary or short-term basis. Please make an appointment to discuss your situation.



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