2016 Voter Information

This website was created in the late summer of 2016 as a method of landscaping the semester leading up to the 2016 presidential election. The coalitions efforts were a huge success by all measures, but specifically:

  • 570 students registered to vote during early voting
  • 2,167 students registered to vote in total between two semesters
  • 2,557 students and community members utilized the polling place; so much so that many students with accessible transportation reported going to other precincts to avoid the lines
  • The WCU polling place outpaced every single Jackson County precinct by 1,000 votes
  • Votes in Jackson County increased 2,500 over the 2012 election, almost mirroring the participation of students on campus

There were many lessons throughout this election cycle, but there were also many successes; we will be able to show hard data once the NSLVE report is received in May 2017. Even so, students learned about the power of their individual voices, and they stood up to make themselves heard. That, by far, is the most successful part of this amazing puzzle.

As always, this website is your one-stop information site for everything voting-related, whether you need help registering, becoming educated on the issues which continue even in off-election years, or making sure you are able to activate your vote and cast your ballot.

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