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Career FAQs

I'm graduating. How do I start to look for a job?

First of all, Congratulations! The Center for Career and Professional Development is a great place to begin your job search. We have the staff and the resources to help you formulate a job search plan that is just right for you. The Center for Career and Professional Development offers information for job seekers including: Writing a Resume and Cover LetterJob SearchInterview Skills, and Portfolios. The staff is also available for classroom/group presentations on these topics. Our career counselors will help you target your job search and suggest resources, contacts, or special on-campus events that will support your career and job search goals. We will also critique your resume and cover letters. We strongly urge you to register in JobCat to view job listings, participate in on-campus interviews, and have your résumé in the database for employers to view. Registration entails entering information about your qualifications and putting together a resume online.

I've already graduated. Will you help me with my job search or to change jobs?

As an alumnus of Western Carolina University you are eligible for all the services (resume critiquingregistering in JobCat, attending Career Fairs and on-campus interviews, taking career tests and receiving specialized career/job search advice) mentioned above. If you can't come into the office, call us at 828-227-7133 to schedule a virtual counseling appointment.

What is JobCat?

Western students and alumni may use this online program to search for jobs and internships, post resumes, and sign-up for on-campus interviews. You must complete an online registration (including things such as name, address, major, graduation date, career interests, etc.) and upload an existing Word resume.

All on-campus interviewing events will be by signup in this program so it is important to register early.

What information do you have on full-time job vacancies?

Each year, the Center for Career and Professional Development receives well over 5,000 full-time positions appropriate for recent Western graduates. For immediate access to full-time employment job listings (updated daily) students and alumni must register in JobCat.

How do I find out what employers will be interviewing on-campus and how do I participate?

Employers conduct on-campus interviews during the Fall and Spring semesters. An on-campus recruiting schedule is maintained on JobCat, and is available directly from our events page. All graduating seniors/alumni are invited to participate, however, students must be registered in JobCat to view on-line information about these companies, to select employers to interview with, and to participate in on-campus interviewing.

Will the Center for Career and Professional Development help me with my résumé?

Definitely!! Help is available for students writing their first résumé as well as for students revising an existing resume. To have your résumé and/or cover letter critiqued, make an appointment with a Career Counselor via your GradesFirst account. JobCat also provides templates that may be copied and pasted into new Word documents for personalizing. We urge everyone to have their resume reviewed several times before sending it out.

What information do you have about on/off campus or summer jobs?

Check out the Campus Employment webpage to find out details about these jobs. Part-time, off-campus positions are also listed on the JobCat website for students who are interested. To help you locate summer employment in the WNC region, our large job fair in mid-March will have many camps, businesses and university departments attending. Summer employment listings can also be found through JobCat.

Do you give tests that will help me identify the career or major I should pursue?

Yes. We offer the FOCUS-2 , an on-line, interactive education and career planning system at WCU that combines self assessment, major and career exploration, and decision making into one program. FOCUS-2 will help you clarify your strengths, interests, and personal goals so you will be better equipped to identify potential majors and minors, to create and communicate an integrated academic and co-curricular plan that “connects the dots” between your major, your chosen activities, and your career goals during your time at WCU. We highly suggest that ALL students and alumni schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor through GradesFirst or by calling the office at 828-227-7133 to have their results reviewed.

I really like my major but I don't know what kinds of jobs I can get with a degree in it. Can you help?

Check out our "What can you do with your major" page. Just click on your major or a major you are considering and you will find a list of jobs/fields that you could go into. Some will be obvious, but there will probably be some that you haven't even thought of! Also, if you need more individualized help, make an appointment through GradesFirst to sit down with a Career Counselor. They will help clarify your options and show you how to research different fields within your major.

How can the Center for Career and Professional Development help me find an internship?

The Center for Career and Professional Development receives internship announcements from many organizations, especially those in the North Carolina area. Students can view these listings in JobCat and these are updated regularly. Internships are coordinated by our office in conjunction with your academic department. You must register for 1-3 hours of class credit, work a specific number of hours, keep work logs and do a final paper. Check out the Internship section of our web site. To receive academic credit for an internship, students must receive approval and register through their department. Most internships are done in the summer but they are also available at other times of the year.

What are your hours and location?

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. The Center for Career and Professional Development is located in 150 Reid.  The entrance to the CCPD is next to the paid lot near Scott Hall and the Courtyard Dining Hall. The phone number is 828.227.7133 and our email address is

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