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As Western Carolina University embarks on the leadership phase of a comprehensive campaign to support scholarships, we have gathered resources here for our volunteer leaders to use as they help us spread the word about the incredible work we do and the incredible need our students have. We are truly inspired every day by the students who call our campus home. They are unwavering in their commitment to success, and many of them overcome tremendous personal odds to reach graduation day. Their story of success is also our university story. We invite you to learn and share that story and to Lead the Way in our pursuit of scholarship support for students.

Western Carolina University's Comprehensive Campaign is focused on providing the scholarship support our students need to achieve beyond expectation. In this video, hear from students about the role scholarships play in their success.


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The working goals of our comprehensive fundraising campaign are ambitious, and meeting them will require our donors to reach beyond the expected in the generosity of their support. These goals will be raised or lowered based on our success in the leadership phase of the campaign.

Scholarships for Students in Need

Through this campaign, Western Carolina University will seek a minimum of $20 million in endowments to develop a scholarship program specifically targeted to students who have the greatest need. The program will seek recipients with proven performance that demonstrates a commitment to succeed against great odds.

Scholarships for High-Achieving Students

Western Carolina is committed to the establishment of a scholarship program targeted to high-achieving students. These merit-based scholarships will assist in the recruitment of top students and enable ambitious academic pursuits. WCU will seek a minimum of $20 million in endowments toward this effort.

Scholarships for Student-Athletes

WCU will seek a minimum of $10 million in endowments for athletic scholarships through this campaign to ensure Western Carolina’s competitiveness in recruiting student-athletes with a record of accomplishment on and off the field.

Construction of an Indoor Practice Facility

This campaign will seek funding for a state-of-the-art athletics practice facility that will take us from the bottom to the top in the Southern Conference in terms of facilities. The full amount of need to accomplish this goal is yet to be determined.


If you have questions regarding the comprehensive campaign or how to make a gift, please contact Director of Donor Relations, Natalie Clark, at 828.227.3090 or nclark@wcu.edu.

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