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MS Hunter 59 T-2-17 Portrait of Gower folio 6v John Gower Vox Clamantis Glasgow Univ Library

Dedicated to the study of the 14th century poet John Gower
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The John Gower Society (JGS) is dedicated to the study of the 14th century poet John Gower. The Society promotes and encourages this study in several ways:

  • Disseminate and support scholarship related to John Gower
  • Promote the teaching of John Gower
  • Support and publicize scholarly events
  • Recognize and award distinguished academic work


Dr. Russell Peck presenting at the Third International Congress , 2014, Rochester, New York

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The Trentham Manuscript
(MS Add 59495)

Reference Links

> Descriptive Catalogue of Gower Manuscripts
Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts of the Works of John Gower (Derek Pearsall)
> On-Line Bibliography
Searchable bibliography of scholarship and other print materials related to Gower. Supported by Mark Allen of the Department of English and hosted by the Library of the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Online Research and Materials

> The Gower Project
Devoted to research, theoretical readings, and hypertext presentations of Gower (WMU)
> Gower Audio Files
Listen online to Gower's works!

> Third International Congress , 2014, Rochester, New York

> Second International Congress, 2011, Valladolid, Spain

> First International Congress, 2008, London, England

Royal Entertainments - The Poetry of John Gower
English, Portugese and Castilian Courts

(Readings with period music)
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"I throw my darts and shoot my arrows at the world. But where there is a righteous man, no arrow strikes. But I wound those who live wickedly. Therefore let him who recognizes himself there look to himself."
Vox Clamantis

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