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Residential Life


Welcome to Residential Living—university life at its fullest! While college is first an academic experience, it’s also a social experience since you’re making a new home and meeting new people—and WCU's residential communities are a great place to start. Our mission is to provide clean, safe, and healthy living environments that enhance and support the educational mission, goals and creed of the university. We strive to create living and learning communities where students feel valued as individuals and where diversity and fellowship with others can be celebrated. While maintaining a high level of quality service, we also encourage and provide opportunities for personal growth and development of character, leadership, honesty, respect, and pride.

Campus life is greatly enhanced by the comforts, conveniences, and experiences that living in a residence hall provides. Studies of college and university students across the country have shown that students who live on campus have higher graduation rates, higher GPAs, and report a greater satisfaction with their collegiate experience. GUIDE TO RESIDENTIAL LIVING

Get Involved in Residential Living

Living in the residence halls is an integral part of your college career. On-campus living provides students greater opportunities to become involved with the university, to meet and develop relationships with a greater variety of people, and to participate in a living experience that is unique to university life. Take advantage of the various activities offered to students both in the residence halls and around campus.

Western Carolina Peaks

Western Carolina PEAKS is the first-year residential experience at Western Carolina University. As a student living on campus, you are automatically a part of Western Carolina PEAKS program and all of its benefits; special programs, opportunities to make a difference, and the ability to grow and learn with your fellow peers. 



EXTREMES is designed to provide all WCU sophomores and juniors with resources and programs that support a fulfilling college experience and keep you on track toward graduation and your long-term goals. More specifically, EXTREMES aims to help students:

  • Increase self-efficacy
  • Integrate skills toward future goals
  • Increase engagement in learning
  • Develop group identity and attachment to WCU
  • Enhance personal and professional identity   


National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

The purpose of NRHH is to provide recognition for those students living in the residence halls who have shown outstanding service and who have provided important leadership in the advancement of the residence halls.  NRHH also acts as a resource for the groups desiring information about programming and leadership in the residence halls. For more information, contact

Resident Student Association

The Resident Student Association (RSA) exists to benefit WCU students who reside on campus. RSA provides opportunities for students through programming and encourages students to suggest changes in the residence halls by utilizing resources on the campus, in the community, and at the state level in order to implement these changes. Any student who resides on the campus of Western Carolina University is a member of the Residential Student Association regardless of classification, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

Residential Living Employment

We offer more student work opportunities than any other department on campus, and we’d love for you to join our team as a student or graduate student. We execute the development, administration and management of all facilities, operations, and programming involving all 13 on-campus residence halls.



Mistie Bibbee, Director of Residence Life
Laura Allison, Assistant Director of Residence Life
BaShaun Smith, Assistant Director of Residence Life
Annaleise Camacho, Assistant Director for Academic Partnerships
Mei-Lan Kaenzig,  Resident Director
Zach Williams, Resident Director
Andrew Murray, Resident Director
Jessica Barnes, Resident Director
Trent Mortimer, Resident Director
Courtney Weaver, Resident Director
Myranda Floyd, Graduate Community Coordinator
Suzanne  Rose, Graduate Community  Coordinator
Brittany Cotton, Graduate Community Coordinator
Meredith Oakley, Graduate Community Coordinator
Terry Chavis, Graduate Community Coordinator
Morgan Hudson, Graduate Community Coordinator
Brian Boyer, Residential Case Manager
Veratta Pegram-Floyd, Residential Case Manager

Tim Chapman, Director of Residential Facilities
Steve Leamon, Assistant Director of Residential Facilities
Dale Putnam, Maintenance Mechanic
Mark Ray, Maintenance Mechanic
Carrie Shuler, Housekeeping Supervisor
Zara Shick, Housekeeping Supervisor

James Thomas, Assistant Director for Operations
Devon Nease, Director for Conference Services
Lisa Surber, Room Assignments Coordinator
Ami Williams, Operations Assistant
Rita Dills, Financial Transactions Manager
Lisa Wilson, Student Mail Center Supervisor

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