About Project Discovery

Project Discovery ~ Talent Search is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and hosted by Western Carolina University. Project Discovery provides assistance to eligible students helping create access to post secondary educational programs.
Project Discovery is an investment with a high return! More than 99% of our students graduate from high school. Nearly 80% of them enroll in college, compared to 38% of their disadvantaged peers. At least 50% of these will graduate from college, compared to only 11% of their disadvantaged peers. We also serve high school dropouts by encouraging them to reenter school and complete their education.
How do I enroll? Easy. Call us for an application. We are limited to 780 spots and they fill quickly, however we enroll about 120 new students each year in September.
Some Facts:
• Students from families with incomes below $22,000 have only a 4% chance of completing college.
• Students from families with incomes over $72,000 have a 53% chance of graduating from college
• Nearly 80% of our students enroll in a program of post secondary education.
• The Project Discovery program at WCU serves 770 students in 5 target schools here in the western counties of N.C. and the Qualla Boundary.
• Nearly 80% of our participants are economically disadvantaged and first in their families to enroll in college.
• More than 95% of our students graduate from high school.
• More than 95% of our students receive help with college application procedures.
• More than 95% of our students receive help applying for Federal Financial Aid with the FAFSA.
• Most students are enrolled in Project Discovery in the 6th or 7th grade and remain in the program through their graduation from high school.
• There are more than 450 Talent Search programs nationwide serving more than 280,000 students.

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