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Digital Marketing & Public Relations Certificate

Fridays, September 29, October 13, 20, November 3, 10 and 17, 2017 

Cost: $640 (Lunch included)
Location: WCU at Biltmore Park, Asheville 
9 am to 4 pm
Instructors: Justin Belleme, Sarah Benoit, Cathy Busick, Betty Farmer, Pat Gallo

Create an online marketing communications strategy and powerhouse digital toolbox by completing six, full-day workshops taught by expert marketing and public relations professionals from JB Media, Insight Marketing, and Farmer Communications.

Learn the new rules of marketing and PR and explore the advantages of digital communications. Gain new insights into PR & marketing strategy, branding, budgeting, online content creation, video creation and use, social media and how to effectively track marketing and PR results.

September 29: Marketing and Public Relations in the Digital Age
Instructor: Betty Farmer, Farmer Communications

  • Traditional vs. Digital Marketing & PR
  • Fundamentals of Marketing & PR
  • Components of the Marketing Plan
  • Engagement Expectations in PR
  • The Ideal of Integrated Communications

October 13: Developing Campaigns to Match Time and Budget
Instructor: Cathy Busick, Insight Marketing

  • Finding/Selling to Your Target Audience for what you can afford time-wise and money-wise
  • Choosing Communication Channels to Reach Your Customers (Email, Social, Web)
  • Prioritizing what social networking platforms you should focus and become expert

October 20: Visual Content Marketing How To’s
Instructor: Cathy Busick, Insight Marketing

  • Create professional looking design templates for social media posts, infographics and more
  • Set-up and run an email marketing campaign
  • Write content for ads, posts and blogs

November 3: Social Media Strategies for Products, Programs and Events
Instructors: Sarah Benoit and Justin Belleme, JB Media

Craft your organizational or product story and learn to be more memorable and shareable

  • Identify the right audiences for your messages
  • Learn about how social media algorithms work and the art of increasing reach and engagement
  • Enhance your media outreach and public relations with social media strategies
  • Outline plans for onsite event coverage and social media communications
  • Evaluate various account management tools
  • Learn how to develop successful marketing partnerships and connect with influencers
  • Quantify the value of social advertising campaigns for event, product, and program promotion

November 10: Best Practices for including Video in Your Content Strategy

Morning Session- Instructor: Pat Gallo

  • How to plan, shoot, and edit your own footage
  • What equipment options do I have - from simple mobile equipment to professional cameras (we will have some small overlap with this topic but from a very DIY perspective)
  • Best practices for lighting
  • Best practices for audio
  • How to generate content ideas for your video (we will have some small overlap with this topic)
  • The language of video production - common terminology, file formats, and technical tools

Afternoon Session- Instructors: Sarah Benoit and Justin Belleme, JB Media

  • Learn about the variety of DIY video production and editing tools available via social media and apps for your mobile device and desktop
  • Identify the styles and types of videos you can create to tell your company or organization story
  • Understand the value of vlogging, podcasting, live streaming, and more.
  • Review the best practices for creating a You Tube Channel and now to best use other video sites like Vimeo, Daily Motion, and more.
  • Compare the benefits of DIY video VS hiring a professional videographer or production team
  • Find out how video becomes an integral part of your overall content strategy
  • Learn how video content can impact SEO, social media, and advertising strategies

November 17: Tracking and Measuring Overall Digital Marketing Results
Instructors: Sarah Benoit and Justin Belleme, JB Media

  • Analyze and evaluate SEO results
  • Review and evaluate social media data and insights
  • Find out how data can help you continuously improve your digital marketing plan
  • Learn how to adapt when your strategy is not producing the results you want
  • Create a monthly or quarterly plan for reporting on digital marketing performance

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