School Matinees
School matinee in progressA series of school matinees, Learning Live! is designed to introduce regional students of all ages to the performing arts and complement the classroom curriculum. Literature, drama, music, visual arts and history come to life on our stage. These events bring cultural events to children who, because of the remote locations of many Western North Carolina schools, may not have the opportunity to attend them elsewhere.

We are committed to assisting you as you integrate the arts throughout your curriculum.


The cost per child is from $1 to $4. However, it is the objective of BAC and the university that all children who wish to attend the performances are able to do so regardless of their financial ability through our "Pay What You Can" program.

Because some Western North Carolina residents do not have the opportunity to expose their family, relatives and friends to the cultural experience of live performances, presentations and productions, WCU's Bardo Arts Center has initiated a program entitled "Pay What You Can."

With "Pay What You Can," BAC makes theater, music, dance and art events available to those who may not otherwise have access to them. Tickets through this program are available to members of our university community and residents of Jackson County and neighboring counties. Community service organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Help In Crisis and United Way assist us in identifying these individuals and families. Primarily, our target audience is students in kindergarten through 12th grade, accompanied by grandparents, parents, relatives and teachers.

It is BAC's objective to present live performing arts presentations and productions to the largest audience possible, targeting people who have no previous experience with live performances. Our desire is to share with this audience the power live theater has to challenge, communicate, stimulate, educate and entertain.

Teaching Aids

Teachers in participating schools will receive the program agenda (study guides) at the beginning of the school year or six weeks before the scheduled event in order that lesson plans and follow-up activities can be conducted in the classroom setting. Participating teachers will be sent an evaluation or questionnaire form after each performance. The results will serve as an evaluation tool for next year's program. In addition, the performers will be asked to complete an evaluation form upon completion of each presentation or production. This also will serve as an indicator of the success of the program.


Be sure to register early, as many performances sell out quickly. Contact Paul Lormand at 828-227-2479 or

John W. Bardo Fine and Performing Arts Center