Course and Grade Policies

Courses listed in this catalog are open to graduate students only. At least half of the credit hours applied toward a master’s degree must be from courses numbered 600 and above. At least half of the credit hours applied toward the education specialist degree must be from courses numbered 700 and above. All of the credit hours applied toward a doctor of education degree must be from courses numbered 700 and above.

Course Loads
Full-time course load for graduate students per term is nine hours. The maximum course load is fifteen hours per term. The maximum course load during summer term is twelve hours.

Class Attendance. Graduate students are expected to attend all class meetings. Specific attendance regulations are announced by the instructor.

Grading System
The grades which may be assigned to graduate credit courses are as follows:



 Quality Points
Per Hour



 Quality Points
Per Hour

















 Grade Pending














Incomplete Grades. Instructors may give an incomplete grade when students are unable to complete a course for nonacademic reasons. An incomplete is not a satisfactory grade and may lead to an academic warning. All incomplete grades must be removed and a grade of A, B, C, F, S, or U must be submitted to the registrar by the last day of classes in the next semester, excluding the summer, an F being automatic if the student has not completed the coursework. A student may not register for the course again until the incomplete has been removed. All incomplete grades in courses taken as part of the degree program must be removed before graduation.

A grade of incomplete will be awarded only when there is a reasonable prospect that the student can pass the course by making up the work missed. The instructor is required to send to the department head a list of the conditions for removing the grade of incomplete. If the instructor is no longer in the employ of the university, the department head will remove the grade of incomplete upon completion of the stated requirements.

Grade Pending. An IP is assigned only for thesis research or similar courses to indicate that a grade is pending until the sequence of courses is completed. A grade of A, B, C, F, S, or U is then assigned to each course by the instructor.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading. The use of S/U (pass/fail) grading is limited to selected courses in which standard or traditional grading is rendered difficult by the nature and purpose of the courses. The courses are identified in the master class schedule and in the course descriptions in this catalog. S (satisfactory) and U (unsatisfactory) are the only grades assigned in courses approved for pass/fail grading.


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