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Why Creativity and Innovation are Imperative To Teach in the 21st Century, Dr. Bonnie Cramond
In this global economic crisis, there is a growing recognition that creativity is linked to prosperity, and that nations are in competition to nurture and retain their most creative talent. In addition, the importance of finding innovative solutions to global challenges have inspired nations to look at traditional education with a critical eye.  The report from the National Center on Education and the Economy recently drew attention to the contrast between the basic skills that we emphasize in our schools and those that individuals will need to be “the workers of 21st century America:  creativity and innovation, facility with the use of ideas and abstractions, the self-discipline and organization needed to manage one’s work and drive it through to a successful conclusion, the ability to function well as a member of a team, and so on.”  We need to teach our children to think creatively and solve problems, not only for their own good, but for the good of our world.

The Co-Incidence of Creativity and ADHD, Dr. Bonnie Cramond
The similarity between identifying behaviors of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Creativity will be illustrated through literature analysis, case studies, and a research study that compared two groups of students—one labeled ADHD and another labeled highly creative.  In addition, a brief history of the ADHD designation will be delineated, and some possible biological connections will be explored, including brain structure, cognitive processing, sensation seeking,sensitivity to stimulation, and depression.  Finally, some suggestions will be made about dealing with such students. 

Where Have all the Creative Students Gone?, Dr. Bonnie Cramond
ADHD, LD, underachiever, bipolar, dropouts, etc…. The names are varied, the treatments different, and the causes diverse, but bright students who don’t perform in school all have some similarities.  (In some cases, even the distinctiveness of the diagnoses may be questioned.)  However, there are real children under these labels.  Besides poor self-concept, school troubles, and difficulties with peers, children with such labels are often also very creative.  A case is made that recognition and nurturance of creativity can help such children academically, emotionally, psychologically, and socially.

Creativity in Action, Kristy Wagner, Leah McMinn, Diane Smith
Techniques on how to implement creative instruction across all core disciplines: math, social studies, language arts, and science.

Keeping Kids Kreative: The Miracle of Books (elementary), Linda Thoresen and Jonnie Walkingstick
Book projects and activities that encourage creativity and choice among students.  There will be a display of books with a focus on a select few.
Capturing Creativity through Students’ Interests, Jasmin Poor
Capturing the interest of students is essential to a successful unit. It is even more important when dealing with gifted students. Through the use of publishing and bringing lessons to life gifted students interest will be drawn into lessons making the teachers life easier and creating deeper understanding and greater meaning for the students.

The 21st Century Digital Literacy Palette: Student Leading Needed State Curriculum Development, Bob Houghton
If curriculum leads students towards what adults are doing, then the Web points to the changing nature of composition. The digital literacy palette image notes the eight most common forms of composition on the Web. What does it take to teach this new language arts curriculum? What should we expect of student skills in each of these areas? What are the opportunities for creativity and invention with these skills?



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