European History, M.A. Reading List 1 (Before Fall 2012)

Note: European History has been divided into three eras: Ancient/Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern. Students in the "EurHi" track are responsible for mastering the book lists from two of these periods. Please see Dr. Szabo for general works on the Ancient/Medieval period.

1. Barber, M. The Two Cities: Medieval Europe, 1050-1320

2. Barlett, R. The Making of Europe

3. Beard, Mary and Michael Crawford, Rome in the Late Republic

4. Bowersock, G. W., ed. Interpreting Late Antiquity: Essays on the Postclassical World

5. Brown, Peter. The Cult of the Saints: Its Rise and Function in Latin Christianity

6. Clanchy, M.T. From Memory to Written Record: England, 1066-1307

7. Duby, G. The Three Orders: Feudal Society Imagined

8. Goffart, Walter. The Narrators of Barbarian History

9. Hanson, Victor Davis. Warfare and Agriculture in Ancient Greece

10. Herlihy, David. The Black Death and the Transformation of the West

11. Kagan, D. The Peloponnesian War

12. Lawrence, C. Medieval Monasticism

13. Little, L. K. and B. H. Rosenwein, eds. Debating the Middle Ages: Issues and Readings

14. McKitterick, R (ed.). Carolingian Culture: Emulation and Innovation

15. Moore, R. I. Formation of a Persecuting Society

16. Morris, C. The Discovery of the Individual, 1050-1200

17. Ostrogorsky, George. History of the Byzantine State

18. Pirenne, H. Mohammed and Charlemagne

19. Pomeroy, Sarah B. Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves: Women in Classical Antiquity

20. Reynolds, S. Fiefs and Vassals

21. Riley-Smith, Jonathan. The Crusades: A Short History

22. Southern, R. W. The Making of the Middle Ages

23. Wallace-Hadrill, J.M. The Barbarian West, 400-1000

24. White, Jr., Lynn. Medieval Technology and Social Change

25. Zanker, P. (1988) Power of Images in the Age of Augustus.


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