Biology Alumni News

Where are they now?

Jessica Duke (MS 2014, Pechmann): lab instructor and lab coordinator, Western Carolina University

Jessica Krippel (MS 2014, Hyman): PhD student at the University of British Columbia

Rachael Woods ( MS 2014, Martin): science educator, spectrUM Discovery Area, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

Kyle Stowe (MS 2014, Martin): Biological Technician, Bako Pathology Services, Alpharetta, GA

Miranda Aiken (MS 2014, Martin): lab instructor, Western Carolina University

Katie Lewis (MS 2014, Adkison): Community College and High School instructor

Ashley Montgomery (MS 2014, DeWald): Environmental consulting firm, Phoenix

Travis Seaborn (MS 2014, Catley): PhD candidate,  Washington State University, Zoology

Beth Budden (MS 2013, Bose): Instructor, SouthWestern Community College

Megan Eckhardt (MS 2013, Catley): Lab instructor and lab coordinator, Western Carolina University

Elizabeth Hillard (MS 2013, DeWald) PhD a candidate, Southern Illinois University, Wildlife Management

Christopher Love (MS 2013, Pechmann) Science Teacher, Buncombe High School

Rachel Myers (MS 2013, Hyman): Special Activities Instructor at North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher

April Punsalan (MS 2013, DeWald):  Botanist, US Forest Service, Nantahala National Forest

Ryan Simmons (MS 2013, Bose) PhD candidate, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Daniel Sollenberger (MS 2013, Pechmann) Lecturer, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Kendall Fuller (MS 2012, O’Connell) Associate Head Softball Coach at Winthrop University

Chris Beyer (MS 2012, Seischab) Lab instructor, Western Carolina University

Groves Dixon (MS 2012, DeWald) PhD candidate, University of Texas, Austin, Evolutionary and Ecological Biology

Jessica Jaynes (MS 2012, Collins) Environmental Health Manager, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

Charles Lawson (MS 2012, Pechmann) Mountain Wildlife Diversity Technician, North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission

Bridget Nelson (MS 2012, O’Connell) M.S. student at North Carolina State Univeristy

Adric Olson (MS 2012, Martin): PhD student in toxicology, Texas Tech University

Alex Edwards (MS 2012, Martin): PhD student, Evolutionary biology, UT-Knoxville

Nicole Parrish (MS 2012, Collins): Volunteer AmeriCorps Project Conserve, Coordinator at the Environmental Quality Institute in Asheville.

Kyle Pursel (MS 2012, Pechmann) Stewardship Coordinator, Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust

Anthony Auletta (MS 2012, Costa): PhD student in Entomology, University of Minnesota

Jennifer Torgeson (MS 2012, DeWald) Instructor of Biology, Mars Hill University

John Tupy (MS 2012, Pechmann) Biological researcher, Western Carolina university

Kyle Boudreau (MS 2011, Hyman): Instructor of Biology, Western Carolina University and Southwestern Community College

Jason Jarvis (MS 2011, Miller): USGS, California Water Science Center at the Santa Maria Field Office

Carly Lett (MS 2011, DeWald): High School teacher

Jackson Evans (MS 2011, Hyman): RN at Haywood Regional Medical Center

Natasha Shipman (MS 2011, DeWald): Environmental Studies Program, Warren Wilson College

Meredith Carroll (MS 2010,Hyman) Special Education, Science Teacher, Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools

Caroline Rooney  (MS 2010, Martin) Nurse, MedWest-Harris Regional Hospital, Sylva, NC

Stephanie Grant  (MS 2010, DeWald) Teacher for home- or hospital-bound children

Christina Stoehrel (MS 2010, Mathews): US Forest Service Wildlife Biologist, Cherokee NF

Jeremy Craft (MS 2009, Pechmann): Biology Instructor, Wilkes Community College

Alan Curtis (MS 2009, Bose) PhD East Carolina University, Postdoctoral Research Associate University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Josephine Falcone (MS 2009, DeWald) Wildlife Conservation Program, Giant Panda, Memphis Zoo

Sheree Ferrell (MS 2009, Martin): Consulting Scientist, Environmental Services and Consulting, Blacksburg, VA and lecturer, Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke, VA

Max Lanning (MS, 2009, Mathews): Science Teacher with Jackson County Public Schools at Blue Ridge Early College

Nicholas Martinez M.S. (MS 2009, Coburn): PhD candidate, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Center for Molecular and Tumor Virology, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Shreveport, LA

Amanda Schoonover (MS 2009, Seischab):  Asheville High School Science Teacher

Dawn Cusick (MS 2008, Costa): Instructor, Haywood Community College; Publisher, EarlyLight Books (children's science)

Jenne Extine M.S. (MS 2008, DeWald) Medical Technician

Christina Manee (MS 2007, Adkison): Instructor, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

Mike LaVoie (MS 2007, Martin): Biologist, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Cherokee, NC

Nate Irwin (MS 2007, Martin): Biologist, Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection, Bradford, PA

Melissa Collins (MS 2006, O’Connell): MS in Education, University of Alberta, currently living in Bahrain soon to move to Hong Kong

 Philip Drummond (MS 2006, O’Connell) Community college instructor of microbiology in Nebraska

Barclay Taylor (MS 2006, O’Connell): High School Teacher, Canton, NC

Mark Hall (MS 2005, Adkison): Project Manager & Regional Vegetation Ecologist for NatureServe in Boulder, CO

Weaver Haney (MS 2005, O’Connell): Instructor, Western Carolina University

Darby Harris (MS 2005, Rundle): Instructor at Western Carolina University; PhD University of Kentucky

Mike Ivey (MS 2005, Mathews): Consultant, FL

Sara Martin (MS 2005, Adkison): Instructor at Haywood Community College

Derren Rosbach (MS 2005, O’Connell):Faculty member at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts.

Wes Cornelison (MS 2005, Martin): Natural Resources Group Manager, URS Corporation, Anchorage, AK

Jeff Wesner (MS 2005, Martin): Assistant Professor, University of South Dakota

Jamie Anderson (MS 2004, Martin): Park Law Enforcement Officer, New River State Park, West Jefferson, NC

Lucas Conkle (MS 2004, Costa): High School Teacher

Daniel Hanks (MS 2004, Martin): Instructor, Presbyterian College, South Carolina

Matias Jasin (MS 2004, Costa): MD, UNC-Chapel Hill

Maureen Kavanagh (MS 2004, Martin): Fishery Biologist, US Fish & Wildlife, Vancouver, WA

Shannon Raby (MS 2004, Martin): Research technician, WCU

Ben Salter (MS 2004, Martin): Principal Scientist, Environmental Corporation of America, Asheville, NC

Jackie Greenfield (MS 2004, Pittillo): Gaia Herbs , VP Global Sourcing And Sustainability

Henry Angelopulos (MS 2003, O’Connell): Firefighter and Paramedic, Clay County, Georgia

Kim Lowery (BS 2003, O’Connell): Adult Nurse Practitioner in Westmoreland, Tennessee

Matthew Dunn (MS 2003, O’Connell):  M.S. Indiana University, Quality Manager at Southern Tier Brewing Company, Jamestown NY

Christophe Le Moine (MS 2003, Lumb): PhD, Queens University, Ontario. Faculty member Biology Department, Brandon University, Manitoba

Gina (Parise) Sloan (BS 2003, O’Connell): PhD Wake Forest University; Director, Department of Microbiology, Microban International

Kristina Reid (BS 2003, O’Connell): M.S. University of Virginia, scientist Indoor Biotechnologies.

Dawn Geverd (MS 2002, Mainwaring): Instructor, Community College, NJ

Shannon Kondrad (MS 2002, Miller): Toxicity Research Analyst, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, MD

Erika Yates (MS 2003, Martin): Instructor, UNC-Pembroke

Sonja Himes (MS 2002, Wyatt): Instructor, Western Carolina University

Shannon Mallisson (MS 2002, Miller): Wake Forest University, Biology Lab Preparotor

Jonathan Mays (MS 2002, Costa): Reptile, Amphibian, & Invertebrate Biologist, Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries

Robert Warren (MS 2002, Pittillo): PhD University of Georgia, Faculty member SUNY Buffalo State University

Alex Esmon (BS 2001, Rundle): PhD University of Missouri at Columbia

Robbie Flowers (MS 2001, Costa): (PhD, Entomology, Virginia Tech): Forest Entomologist, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region

Jeremy Sanders (MS 2001, Coyle): Employed by a Pharmaceutical Company

Nathan Taylor (MS 2001, Bruce): employed by a private company in South Carolina

Jonathan White (MS 2001, Rundle): PhD, University of Louisville

Brenna Farmer, MD (BS 2000): MD Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University

Dietrich Gotzek (MS 2000, Costa): PhD University of Georgia; Postdoctoral Research Associate University of Georgia

Matt Rhea (MS 2000, West): Owner and operator of Sorrell's Creek Trout Farm, Canton, NC

Steve Tipton (MS 2000, Mainwaring): Energy Specialist at Greene County Schools, Limestone, Tennessee

Beth Wall-Bassett (BS 2000, O’Connell), Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, East Carolina University

Stephanie Waters-Stocks (MS 2000, Costa): Education specialist for programs in agricultural entomology and invasive/pest insects, Department of Entomology, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Emily Whiteley (MS 2000, Coyle): Biology Department Head, Catawba Valley Community College

Beth Bockoven (MS 1999, West): Director, Green River Preserve, Asheville, NC

Deborah Cochran (MS 1999, Rundle): Instructor, Southwestern Community College

Aaron R. Cooper (MS 1999, Pittillo): Environmental consultant, Raleigh, NC

Robert Edwards (MS 1999, Coyle): Instructor, Community College

Kevin Hining (MS 1999, West): Fisheries Biologist, NC Wildlife Resources Commission, Elkin, NC

Larissa Knebel (MS 1999, Pittillo): PhD, North Carolina State University

Robert Louque (MS 1999, Costa): Study Director, Pollinators & Non-Target Organisms, Smithers Viscient / Carolina Research CenterCity  

James MacKenzie (MS 1999, Lumb): Faculty member, State University of New York at Oswego

Ian Stocks (MS 1999, Coyle): Entomologist, Curator of Coccoidea, Aleyrodidae, and Trichoptera, Division of Plant Industry, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Gainesville, Florida (PhD Clemson University)

Peter Julius (MS 1998, Pittillo): Center fellow at the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Georgia Haynes (MS 1998, Rundle): MD from Bowman Gray School of Medicine in 2003

Melissa Crisp (BS 1998):  PhD Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Florida, Gainesville

Scott Passingham (BS 1998, Rundle): Physical Therapist

Chittam Thakore (MS 1998, Rundle): PhD, East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine; JD, Georgia State University

Gayle Livingston (MS 1997, Bruce): PhD, University of Missouri

Joe Moore (MS 1997, West): President, Virginia Automatic Door Company

John Owen (MS 1997, Lumb): PhD, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Senior Scientists at ABC Laboratories

Angela Burcham (MS 1997, Mainwaring): Assistant Professor, Richard Bland College

April Livengood (BS 1997, Rundle): Senior Scientist Illumina Clinical Services Laboratory

Robin Stamey (MS 1997, Rundle): Veterinarian, graduated from Auburn University

Linda Trunk (MS 1997, Lumb): High school teacher

Brian Corbin (MS 1996, Lumb): Research Technician, Asheville, NC

Will Corum (MS 1996, Rundle): Research technician, University of Kentucky-Lexington

Andy Hartung (MS 1996, Rundle): Computer /Network Safety, Greenville, South Carolina

Jeremy Miller (MS 1996, Coyle): Senior Researcher, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, (PhD, Georgetown University)

Doug Toti (MS 1996, Coyle): Instructor, Community College

Charles Zartman (MS 1996, Pittillo): Duke Bryology Lab, Department of Biology, Duke University, PhD, Duke University

Travis Ryan (MS 1995, Bruce): Faculty member, Butler University

John Dobyns (MS 1994, Coyle): High school teacher

Diana Silva (MS 1994, Coyle): Professor, National University of San Marco, Museo de Historia Natural, Lima, Peru, (PhD, Cornell University)

Valerie Fuller (MS 1993, Coyle): Dentist

Paul Lenzo (MS 1993, Bruce): Family practice doctor, Coffeyville, KS

David Loch (MS 1992, West): Biologist, Mississippi Department of Pollution Control, Pearl, MS

M. Shane Pruett (BS 1992): Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Avian Ecology Lab, Archbold Biological Station, Lake Placid FL (PhD University of Missouri, Columbia)

Kefyn Catley (MS 1991, Coyle): Faculty member, Western Carolina University, (PhD, Cornell University)

Randi Neff (MS 1990, Lumb): High school teacher

Christopher Beachy (MS 1988, Bruce): Faculty member, Minot State University

Susan Childress (MS 1988, Lumb): Head of Quality Control, Jackson Paper Company, Sylva, NC

Randy Turner (MS 1988, Lumb): Director of Environmental Impact, Department of transportation, NC

Randal Voss (MS 1988, Bruce): Faculty member, University of Kentucky

Burt Banks (MS 1987, Lumb): Professor, East Tennessee State University

Micky Clemmons (MS 1987, West): NC Wildlife Resources Commission

David Michelis (MS 1987, Lumb): PhD, University of California-San Francisco

J. David Smith, MD (MS 1986, Harrison): Hematopathologist, Pathology Sciences Medical Group, Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, Norfolk, VA (MD, East Carolina University School of Medicine)

Kathy Starr (MS 1986, Mainwaring): Faculty member, Western Carolina University

Scott Urwick (MS 1986, West): Environmental consultant, Environsphere, Inc., Boston, MA

Robb Bennett (MS 1985, Coyle): Entomology research associate at the Royal BC Museum and an invasive and endangered species consultant

Kimsey Corzine (MS 1985, Bruce): High school teacher, Smoky Mountain High School, Sylva, NC

Sam Lohr (MS 1985, West): Research Biologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Fresno, CA

Tom Moore (MS 1985, West): Environmental Consultant, Environsphere, Inc., Atlanta, GA

Tom Jetton (MS 1984, Harrison): Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Vermont (PhD, Vanderbilt University)

Jackie Palmer (MS 1984, Coyle): Researcher, Clemson University, (PhD, Harvard University)

Nancy Reagan (MS 1984, Bruce): Faculty member, Kentucky State University

Andy Keesler, PhD, MBA (BS 1983): US Director, Technology Licensing & Alliances, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Bridgewater, NJ

Robin Edwards (MS 1983, Lumb): High school teacher

Teresa Grose (MS 1983, Lumb): Professor, Washington University, St. Louis

Richard Thomas (MS 1982, Pittillo): Faculty member, West Virginia University

Steve Grindstaff (MS 1981, West): Biology teacher, McDowell Technical Community College, Marion, NC

Leslie Bishop (MS 1980, Coyle): Faculty member, Earlham College (PhD, University of Tennessee)

Susan Olson (MS 1980, Lumb): Professor, Down State Medical Center, NY

Joseph Sullivan (MS 1980, Pittillo): Faculty member, University of Maryland

Michael Tove (MS 1980, Bruce): High school teacher, Cary, NC

Dr. William Michael Blackman, DMD (BS 1979): Dentist, Cheraw, SC

Tom Dechant (MS 1979, West): Dean of Learning Resources, Asheville-Biltmore Technical Community College

Charlotte Evans (MS 1978, Lumb): MD, pediatrics

Mitchell Robinson (MS 1978, Lumb): Associate Dean, School of Medicine, East Tennessee State University

Linda Costner (MS 1977, Lumb): High school teacher

Michael Cable (MS 1976, Lumb): Biotechnology researcher, NJ

Sue Monroe (MS 1975, Coyle):  Biology Faculty, City University of New York, Hunter College Campus Schools

Claudia Moore (MS 1975, Lumb): PhD, University of Tennessee

Carl Wolfe (MS 1975, Pittillo): Faculty member, Pennsylvania State University, Monto Alto

Susan Banister Thomasson (BS 1974): Faculty/Phlebotomy Program Coordinator at Carolinas College of Health Science & Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Charlotte, NC

Keith Ramsey (BS 1973): Professor of Medicine, The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University; Medical Director of Infection Control, Pitt County Memorial Hospital

Earl Sipe (MS 1973, Bruce): High school teacher, Newton, NC

Myles Cabot (BS 1970, MS 1972): Chief, Breast Cancer Research Program; Director, Experimental Therapeutics, John Wayne Cancer Institute, Santa Monica, California


Contact Dr. Sabine Rundle to let us know what you have been doing since graduating with your Biology degree from Western. Please include the year that you graduated, what position you are in or degree you are seeking, and contact information (including whether you would like to have your e-mail available for others to have access to).



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