In the Cherokee syllabary, the characters above spell "study".
In the Cherokee syllabary, the characters above spell "study".

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This collection of documents and articles is intended to provide easy access to these materials for citizens of the EBCI and others who may be interested in learning more about the Eastern Band's history. Some of the links to articles will not be activated until we have gained permission from the publishers to include them here. We hope to continue to add new documents and articles, and would appreciate comments from users. To access the materials, click on the headings below.  

The Years Before Removal, 1807-1837
  • Ben Bridgers, "A Legal Digest of the North Carolina Cherokees"
  • Kituwah Resolution (1816)
  • Message from the Valley Town Cherokees (1816)
  • Letter from Yona Equa to Joseph Meigs (1817)
  • List of Cherokees Taking Reserves (1820)
  • List of 837 Emigrants Who Have Changed Their Mind About Removal (1820)
  • Euchella v. Welch (1824)

From Removal to the Civil War, 1838-1866

  • John Finger, "The Saga of Tsali: Legend vs. Reality"
  • Sarah Hill, "The Diary of Lt. John Phelps"
  • John Finger, "The Abortive Second Removal"
  • Present State of Civilization among the Cherokees of Qualla Town (1845)
  • Memorial of Cherokee Indians Residing in North Carolina (1846)
  • Treaty of 1846
  • John Finger, "North Carolina Cherokees (1838-1866): Traditionalism, Progressivism, and Affirmation of Citizenship"
  • Laurence Hauptman, "Confederate Rangers of the Smokies"
  • Vernon Crow, Storm in the Mountains, List of Cherokees Serving the Confederacy Under Col. W.H. Thomas
 Recognition and Early Constitutions, 1867-1897
  • Rollins v. Cherokees (1882)
  • Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians v. United States and Cherokee Nation (Cherokee Trust Funds Case)(1885)
  • Lloyd Welch Constitution
  • Corporate Charter
Early 20th Century, the Rise of Tourism and the Fight for Suffrage
  • John Witthoft, "Observations on Social Changes Among the Eastern Cherokees"
  • John Finger, "Conscription, Citizenship, and 'Civilization': World War I and the Eastern Band of Cherokees."
  • Linda Culpepper, "Mountain Politics: What Happens if the Wrong Party Wins?"
  • Joe Jennings Report (1946)
  • Joe Jennings Report (1954)
  • Betty J. Duggan, "Tourism, Cultural Authenticity, and the Native Crafts Cooperative: the Eastern Cherokee Experience"
From Termination to Casinos, the EBCI in Modern Times
  • John Finger, "Termination and the Eastern Cherokees"
  • Marilou Awiakta, "Arrow of Warning and Hope: the Cherokees vs. Tellico -Dam Controversy"
  • Current EBCI Charter (1986)
  • Indian Gaming Regulatory Act
Dissertations Relating to the EBCI

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