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ADE Phase Shift MicroXAM

The ADE Phase Shift MicroXAM surface-mapping microscope measures roughness, finish and textures of surfaces ranging from highly polished optics to rough surfaces such as steel, aluminum, paper, plastics, magnetic media, ceramics and silicon wafers. This is the technology used by the US Mint to evaluate coin-making dies. It is precise enough to distinguish between the true base of a material and an oxidative layer on it.

This non-contact profiler is faster than stylus profiling yet more repeatable. The system has a repeatability (precision mode) of 0.1 nm and a field of view of 8x10mm (at 0.78x) to 0.084x0.063mm (at 100x). It performs true three-dimensional surface profiling measurements and may be operated in quantitative, visual and confocal modes using optical interferometry.

The accompanying software permits the acquisition, analysis, manipulation and visualization of surface metrology data. 

Analysis features include:

  • Comprehensive graphical software for the acquisition, analysis, manipulation and visualization of surface metrology data
  • Calculation of peak, plateau, summit and valley surface statistics including analysis of peak, plateau, summit and valley surface characteristics
  • Fourier and autocovariance analysis and surface filtering
  • Polynomial fitting, data filtering, scaling, masking and interpolation
  • Interactive zoom
  • X-Y and line segment profiles
  • 3D wire, hybrid and solid plots
  • Area difference plot for step height measurement
  • Fourier analysis for visualizing and characterizing periodic structures in surface maps
  • Stitching of measurements to form a large scale, high-density map

ADE Phase Shift MicroXAM


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