MHS Research
Selected examples of student research

Click here for a list of student research projects from the past three years. 


Brittany Conner (Summer 2014) Nutrition
Food Insecurity Consequences: The Relationship Between Childhood Obesity and Government Support Programs in Rutherford County, NC

Heather Powell Foss (Spring 2014) Health Management
Correlations Between Early Elective Deliveries and Age, Marital Status, and Delivery Providers in a Small North Carolina Hospital During 2011, 2012, and 2013

Jessica McCall Funderburk (Summer 2014) Health Management 
Who's In? A Systematic Literature Review of Medicaid Expansion Under the Affordable Care Act: A closer Look at North Carolina


Melanie Batchelor (Fall 2013) Health Education
Blast Off! - Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Community Based, Family-Centered Pilot Program for Overweight/Obese Children Age 6-11 in Jackson County, NC

Vicki Kennerly Adcock (Spring 2013) Health Education
How Do Registered Dietitians Perceive the Impact of the New U.S.D.A.'s Myplate Logo? Exploring the opinions of NC's Registered Dietitians

Chris Martin (Spring 2013) Health Education 
Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics Care Competency Training Using Simulation Technology


John Deal (Fall 2012)  Emergency Medical Care
Estimates of Cost-Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Influenza Vaccination Program for Emergency Medical Personnel
Abstract (PDF)

Randall Shaw (Fall 2012) Health Management
Going Green: Factors Affecting Healthcare Facilities Quest to Sustainability 

Jennifer Hatch (Spring 2012) Health Education
The Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy on Long-Term Weight Loss Maintenance

Thomas Stern (Spring 2012) Health Management
Caregiver Assisted Vacation Survey (CAVS)

Marianne Schroeder (Fall 2011)  Health Education
Workplace Bullying Among Registered Nurses
Abstract (PDF)      

Kathy Austin (Fall 2011)  Gerontology
Scenar Reflex Biofeedback for the Treatment of Pain:  A Retrospective Study
Abstract (PDF)

Jodi Kimbell (Spring 2011)  Nutrition
Factors Related to Autoimmune Disease Prevelance, Sunlight, Exposre, and Vitamin D Intake
Abstract (PDF)

Natalie Moore (Spring 2011) Health Management
Use of the Electronic Medical Record in Western North Carolina and Non-Clinical User Satisfaction

Gail Gordon-Hinton (Fall 2010)  Health Education
Cultural Self-Efficacy Among Student Nurses in Baccalaureate and Associate Degree Programs
Abstract (PDF)

Sarajane Hinson Melton (Fall 2010) Gerontology
A Comparison of the Impact of Meal Delivery on Staffing Patterns in Long Term Care Facilities 

Renee Mulligan (Fall 2010) Health Education
Farmer's Markets as Healthy Public Places: A Comparison of Vendor and Customer Perceptions
Abstract (PDF)


Tamora Clontz Cook (Fall 2009) Gerontology 
Relating Facility Dining Experience with Resident Depression and AnxietyAbstract (PDF)
Jenny Davenport (Fall 2009) Nutrition
A Comparison of Typical Portion Sizes to Standard Serving Sizes for College Students
Abstract (PDF)

Joan Muse (Spring 2009) Health Education
Which Model of Clinical gives the Associate Degree Nursing Student the Best Preparation to Enter the Workforce of Nursing?
Abstract (PDF)

Evelyn Squires (Fall 2008) Health Education
Online Orientation in Emergency Medical Services
Abstract (PDF)

Penny Bond (Spring 2008) Gerontology
Polio Personality and Post-Polio Syndrome: Personality Dimensions and Adjustment to Progressive Disability
Abstract (PDF)

Jonathan Dando (Spring 2008) Health Management
Provider Visit Times and the Effect on Clinical Outcomes

Melisa Martin (Spring 2008) Health Education
Evaluator Agreement of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians-Paramedic Practical Exam
Abstract (PDF)

Hilda Hodgson Sitton (Spring 2008) Gerontology
Spirituality and Depression: Perceptions of Health Staff as Relates to the Difference Spirituality Posits on Healthcare of the Depressed Elderly 

Valerie Brown Dobson (Spring 2007) Health Management
North Carolina Health Information Management Professionals: Perceptions Regarding Mandatory Credentials and Continuing Education 

Johnnie Ray Jones Jr. (Spring 2007) Nutrition
Nutrition Knowledge of Female Athletes Participating in College Sports


Linda Pelz (Spring 2007) Health Education
Lay Rescuer Automatic Defibrillator Training: Perceptions of Readiness and Performance Response Time of High School Staff
Abstract (PDF)

Linda Stanton (Spring 2007) Gerontology
Factors Affecting Advance Care Planning in Baby Boom Age Women
Abstract (PDF)


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