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Mission and Goals Statement

The Mission

The Mission of the College of Fine and Performing Arts at Western Carolina University is to strengthen and broaden the intellectual and cultural horizons of the university and the larger community by providing a creative learning environment in the fine and performing arts.

The College of Fine and Performing Arts is the creative showcase for the University. Through its dedication to excellence and the integration of teaching, scholarship and service by its faculty, the College offers educational opportunities to a wide variety of students and the larger community. Through musical performances, theatre, dance, film, and the visual arts, the College is a unique and highly visible source of cultural enrichment that reaches far beyond the University community.

Scholarship and creative activity are integral to the mission of the College.  The processes of creative thought and activity demonstrated by its faculty and students provide a lasting and sustainable contribution to the life of the mind and spirit. This role challenges the College to reveal and explore avenues of human expression in forms unique to the arts, and to seek innovative and integrated means for faculty and students to discover and create art which expresses both personal and community values.


In support of the Mission of the College, the Goals of the College of Fine and Performing Arts are to:

  • Provide excellent educational opportunities for majors, minors, general University students, and community members through regular and thoughtful evaluation of curriculum and programs.
  • Recruit and support highly qualified faculty who will serve as models in arts performance, teaching, scholarship, and service, and who clearly communicate their understanding of the values and discipline inherent in artistic education.
  • Maintain a physical and social environment which is conducive to teaching, learning, research and creativity by faculty and students by providing sufficient and appropriate classroom and laboratory space, equipment, materials and human resources.
  • Support the integration of teaching, scholarship and service for both faculty and students.
  • Integrate advancements in technology in the arts into new and current coursework by researching and developing innovative skills and methods.
  • Bring to the campus a significant roster of artists, performers, and exhibitions to enrich the cultural climate for students and the community.
  • Create, through all its activities, a level of arts-literacy in all constituencies which recognizes the contribution that creative work makes to the maturation of the individual and a free society.
  • Seek, obtain and maintain professional accreditation in all appropriate areas as a measure of program accomplishment.
  • Enhance local, regional and national awareness of College opportunities and activities through media exposure of all types.

Beyond this, the College of Fine and Performing Arts is committed to:

  • Facilitate departmental operations and oversee a physical plant conducive to its goals.
  • Secure funding from sources both within and outside the University.
  • Facilitate long range planning for the creative and cultural disciplines within the College, and create opportunities for their integration where appropriate.
  • Recruit highly qualified students and develop audiences that represent an ever-broader segment of the community.
  • Provide professional guidance for students through advising and career planning.
  • Maintain active relationships with alumni in order to encourage their continuing involvement with the College as guest artists, success stories, and sources of support.

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