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Sample Interview Questions

The following are questions that are representative of those you are likely to encounter in your interviews. Western’s Career Services is another resource for you. You can also post your resume and check job listings online through JobCat.

General Questions

  • Why did you choose the teaching profession?
  • In North Carolina we have a Standard Course of Study and end-of-grade/end-of-course competencies that students must master. How would you use these in planning and implementing your lessons?
  • Give an example of a lesson that you felt was interesting and relevant to your students.
  • Describe a lesson designed to meet the needs of varied learning styles.
  • How will you use computers and technology with your students?
  • You've just been hired to teach in our school system. How are you going to convey your expectations for student behavior and maintain those expectations throughout the year?
  • Let's say the school secretary sends a note to your class saying that an angry parent is in the office. He is concerned about his child's report card and has asked to speak to you immediately. What do you do?
  • Do you understand about the 90-day timeline? How would you ensure you stayed within that timeframe?
  • What methods will you use to teach the learning disabled or slower learning students in your classrooms?
  • What is your plan for maintaining student behavior and order in your classroom? What will you do to motivate the uninterested student who does not try in class, or seem to care about school?
  • How will you prepare you students for standardized testing?
  • What will you do to keep your students' parents informed of grades and behavior?
  • What are characteristics of an effective principal?
  • What talents can you share with your school in addition to teaching?
  • What topics for professional development are important to you as a learner?
  • What experiences have you had with parent conferences?

  Special Populations (K-12)

  • Why did you decide to work with exceptional children?
  • EC Requirements:
    o How familiar are you with EC paperwork?
    o Why is EC paperwork necessary?
    o Have you written IEP's
    o How do you monitor IEP objectives and goals?
    o Have you been involved with the initial referral process?
  • Inclusion
    o What do you know about inclusion?
    o Have you had any experience teaching in an inclusion setting?
  • How do you individualize instruction with several children in one class?
  • How would you cultivate a positive working relationship with regular education teachers?
  • What type of services do you feel should be offered for students at the elementary level? Middle school level? High school level? (Interviewer may choose one or two of the above.) 
  • If your principal wanted to do full inclusion program for all students and you knew this was not appropriate for some of the students, what would you do?
  • Teaching philosophy & coursework:
    o What is your philosophy about teaching reading and writing?
    o What courses have you taken?
    o Do you know how to take a running record?
  • How familiar are you with the regular curriculum?  

  Middle School

  • What do you know about the following:
    o Cooperative Learning
    o Advisor-Advisee Program
    o Integrated Curriculum
    o Teaming
    o Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • What do you believe is the greatest challenge facing educators today in the middle school?

High School

  • Why did you choose your particular major area?
  • Lesson Plan
    o Describe a lesson by stating the learning objective first, and then by listing a few activities you would use to teach the lesson.
    o By the end of the lesson, how will you know the students have achieved your objective?
  • What are some strategies you will use to accommodate the 90-minute class schedule?

Questions You Might Want to Ask at the Interview

  • What is the student/teacher ratio in your school/system?
  • What type of mentoring support does your system provide for teachers in their first years of teaching?
  • Tell me about the students who attend this school/system.
  • Do teachers participate in curriculum review and change?
  • Does your system promote professional development opportunities? What types of activities/conferences have teachers attended in the last year?
  • What technology resources will be available to me in the classroom?

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