Information for New Clinical Psychology Students


First, congratulations on your acceptance into our MA program in Clinical Psychology! You are now part of a select group of students that will embark on an intense and rewarding 2-year training experience. Initially, there will be a lot of paperwork and administrative items to complete.

Although some procedures vary from year to year, the general expectation is that you immediately start familiarizing yourself with the handbook as well as the information on this page.

For the curriculum (e.g., what courses to register for), please see the handbook and/or email the Director of Clinical Training (DCT), Dr. Asberg. A tentative schedule of classes is listed below. You MUST check your audit on a regular basis to assess progress toward graduation.

One of the courses that all incoming clinical students register for is PSY680 (independent research). Based on your research interests (as discussed during your interview) and faculty availability to take on students in any given year, you will be paired up with a research mentor. Please see the list of Faculty for areas of research/expertise. Please note that most faculty members will be available to mentor clinical students, including those in School psychology and Social, Personality, Developmental, Educational, and Experimental psychology. Opportunities to collaborate with affiliated faculty in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Political Science, and other social and behavior sciences may also be available.

Finally, it is also helpful to get in touch with current graduate students who can answer questions about how to 'survive' and thrive as a student in the program.

For any questions, please contact Dr. Asberg at


Tentative Schedule of Classes

Fall 1st Year

Psy 651: Adv. Research Methods (4)

Psy 661: Assessment I (4)

Psy 671: Adv. Psychopathology (3)

Psy 680: Directed Study (3)

Spring 1st Year

Psy 652: Adv. Research Methods (3)

Psy 662: Personality Assessment (3)

Psy 672: Evidenced-Based Psychotherapy (3)

Psy 677: Group Psychotherapy (3)

Psy 599: Pre-Thesis (3)*

Fall 2nd Year

Psy 548: Human Neuropsychology (3)

Psy 675: Cognitive & Behavioral Interventions (3)

Psy 686: Practicum (3)

Psy 699: Thesis (3)

Spring 2nd Year

Psy 650: Adv. General Psychology (3)

Psy 686: Practicum (3)

Psy 699: Thesis (3)

Graduate Level Elective** (3)


*Propose thesis in the Spring of the 1st Year - a successful thesis prospectus defense is required prior to the Second Year of the program. Please see the handbook for more information.
**Electives must be at the graduate level to count toward the 53 credits needed. Elective courses do not, however, have to be in psychology.

Note 1: To be eligible for licensure students must take 6 credits (500 hours) of Practicum
Note 2: Ethics and professional conduct is covered in several courses and Practicum
Note 3: License-Eligible
32 hours of required courses
3 hours of electives
6 hours of practicum
3 hours of directed study
9 hours of thesis
Tot: 53 hours



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