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Writing In English

By Dr. Catherine Carter

  • Catherine CarterWriting and English go hand in hand. Language dictates what we can think as well as how we can think about it. Articulating one’s thoughts takes the process of thinking those thoughts one step further. Even an undertaker might have business problems if she can’t communicate clearly. The importance of writing in English goes on and on.

  • Various aspects of writing are important in the discipline of English, and they’re not really very separable. Ideas and content; organization and structure; style, personality, voice, and tone; and grammar all play important roles.

  • Students who receive As write essays that couldn’t have been written by anyone else, and these essays have a voice of their own which maintains the voice of the speaker. The entire essay is necessary for the piece to make sense, rather than portions appearing to be stuck together incoherently.

  • Students who receive Bs write papers with a clean draft, an intelligible structure, and content that does not embarrass.

  • Students who receive Cs are a notch below those who receive Bs—their papers are mostly clean, mostly intelligible, mostly not embarrassing. C is supposed to be average, but my average is more like a B or a B –.

  • Students who receive Ds write unsatisfactory papers, containing such flaws as logical fallacies, inaccurate information, insufficient length, difficult comprehensibility, and so on.

  • Careers in countless areas require writing, and a number of English majors have moved into other types of occupations. Relevant jobs include Web content writers, Web content editors, secondary school teachers, elementary school teachers, college teachers, novelists, poets, essayists, journalists, reading specialists, business managers, undertakers (no kidding), museum curators (ditto), technical writers, technical editors, copy editors, church administrators, computer facilities managers, and many more. 

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