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Turabian: Block Quotations

Use a block quotation to format a prose quotation of five or more lines. Introduce the quotation with your own words, using either a complete sentence, an introductory clause, or an incomplete sentence, followed by appropriate punctuation. A complete sentence is followed by a colon (:), an introductory clause is followed by a comma, and an incomplete sentence is followed by NO punctuation.

King analyzes the possible identities of the six Cherokee chiefs who appeared in London in 1790 and 1791:

The number, description, and dates fit only a group led by William Augustus Bowles, whose presence in London was widely reported in the contemporary press. Bowles himself was indeed no Indian, but a Tory American, an early “Indian hobbyist” who was perhaps the most colorful adventurer and imposter of the southern frontier. His companions were, however, Indians, and it is clear from several contemporary references that three of them were Cherokee and two Creek. Bowles himself wrote out their names at the head of a letter to the king.1

According to King,

            The delegation, an invention of Bowles, cannot be understood apart from his biography and his personality. He was born in 1763 in Frederick, on the Maryland frontier, the son of Thomas Bowles, an immigrant from London, and his wife, Eleanor. At the outbreak of the Revolution the family were Tories, and William went to Philadelphia in the fall of 1777 to enlist as a common soldier in one of Gen. William Howe’s regiments. He soon shifted to the new regiment of Maryland Loyalists . . . and was shipped to Jamaica and thence to Pensacola.1

NOTE: The first sentence above is indented because it begins a paragraph in the original text.

In Pensacola, Bowles, who had been dismissed from military service for insulting a superior officer, joined a group of Lower Creeks and wrote that he took the Indian dress, soon habituated myself to their manners, and became…


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