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Instructor Agreement

The WaLC's ability to provide you with course tutors is contingent upon supply and demand, program funding, tutor availability and fulfillment of responsibilities, and your willingness to meet certain expectations throughout the tutoring relationship.  As an instructor to whom course tutors may be assigned, you agree to

Regularly and systematically encourage students in your courses to visit the WaLC:
  • Include the WaLC syllabus statement in your course syllabus(es) and encourage students to use this opportunity to engage with course content outside of class.
  • Invite the tutor to make a brief visit to your class(es) to introduce him/herself to your students and to provide a brief explanation of the WaLC's services and policies.  Sign the tutor’s Documentation of Class Visit form (provided by the tutor) so that he/she can be compensated for the visit.
  • Remind students of the WaLC's services periodically throughout the semester.
  • Create a link to the WaLC homepage ( in your Blackboard course.
  • Consider providing incentives for students who regularly, thoughtfully, and actively engage in tutoring sessions for your class. Two options for providing incentives to students who actively engage in the tutoring process are to:
    • Provide extra credit points for students who submit a completed Worksheet for Ensuring a Meaningful Experience after each tutoring session.
    • Offer an opportunity for students to earn back points lost on tests or homework assignments if they meet with a tutor to review their work and clarify or correct answers.
  • Remind students to schedule tutoring appointments in advance and to review the WaLC's policies for students before attending sessions. Students who fail to comply with these policies may lose their tutoring privileges.
Provide materials and support to the tutor:
  • Provide the tutor with a copy of your course syllabus and assignments and add the tutor to your Blackboard course. To request access to your course for a tutor, log in to Blackboard and select the “Instructor Resources” tab.
  • Request a desk copy of the course textbook and any supplemental materials. The WaLC maintains a library of course materials so that multiple tutors have access to them for use in their tutoring sessions. Neither tutors nor students are allowed to remove these materials from the center.
  • Talk to the tutor about any assignments that are off-limits for tutoring sessions (e.g. take-home quizzes or tests).
  • Meet with the tutor periodically to clarify your expectations for students, to provide guidance, and to answer any questions the tutor has about course content.
  • Uphold the WaLC's expectations for course tutors and recognize that tutors are undergraduate peer helpers, not teaching assistants or graduate assistants. Tutors are not paid to attend class meetings or to teach classes for you. WaLC tutors also are not available to work with distance courses. Students in distance courses should use the Smarthinking tutoring program or refer to the WaLC's online writing and learning resources.
  • Communicate with the WaLC Director if your tutor will need to meet with students outside of 207 Belk to access specific course software or other materials. If the tutor needs to hold sessions outside of the WaLC, it will be your responsibility to:
    • Work with the tutor to identify an appropriate space on campus that can be used during the tutor’s hours of availability. Notify the Director of the designated location (i.e. building and room number) so this information can be included on the tutor's schedule in GradesFirst.
    • Ensure the tutor has access to a computer and an internet connection so that he/she can log students in and out of GradesFirst.
Support the WaLC's efforts to provide quality academic support for your classes:
  • Recommend successful students as potential tutors for the WaLC.
  • Share your students' feedback about tutoring with the tutor and with the Director. Contact the Director immediately with any questions or concerns.






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