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Course Tutoring FAQs

Tutoring Session

How long are tutoring sessions?
The default time for course tutoring sessions is 30 minutes, although students can book two back-to-back sessions for an hour-long appointment. Any appointments scheduled for the last hour of the day must conclude by closing time.

Are tutors available for all of my classes?
The WaLC provides tutors for an average of 190 course sections and 27 disciplines per year. Visit our appointment page for instructions on using GradesFirst to see if tutors are available for your classes. Writing appointments may be made for any undergraduate or graduate-level course, and math tutoring services are available through the Mathematics Tutoring Center.

What do I do if the WaLC doesn’t have a tutor for my class?
Talk to your professor outside of class. All professors have office hours and are available to meet with you during those times to answer questions you have about the course. If your professor feels the class would benefit from a tutor, he/she can recommend a tutor. Remember that the WaLC also offers individual Academic Skills Consultations and online learning resources, both of which may help you identify the best study strategies for the course.

Can my course tutor help me with my homework assignment?
It depends. Is your homework for a grade? Has your professor given you any instructions about receiving outside help? Some instructors are happy for you to get help with homework while others prefer that your completed assignments represent your own work. If you’re unsure, ask your professor about his/her expectations. Whatever your professor’s stance may be, you can be sure that our tutors will never do your homework for you.

Keep in mind that group tutoring sessions may include students from other sections of your class, and everyone in the group may have different homework assignments. Your tutor will guide the group in setting an agenda for the session and ensuring that everyone’s questions are addressed.   

Can I schedule one-on-one appointments with my tutors?
In order to serve as many students as possible, the WaLC cannot guarantee one-on-one course tutoring sessions.

Can I sit in on a course-specific tutoring session, even if I don't have an appointment?
You may ask to join a session, as long as the tutor is working with fewer than five students from your class; however, we prefer that your appointment is scheduled through GradesFirst.  If a classmate invites you to participate in a tutoring session that he/she has scheduled, check with the WaLC front desk first to make sure seats are available. Students who have appointments scheduled will take precedence, and tutors may elect not to allow extra students to join a session if all of the seats for that session have been filled.

What if the tutor’s appointment times don’t work for me?
You can email the tutor to inquire about additional appointment times. Call the WaLC at 828-227-2274 and ask for the tutor’s email address. Your email should provide the tutor with an overview of all the times you have available to meet. The more hours you identify, the more likely your tutor will be able to find a time that works for both of you.

I’ve recently missed several classes. Can I meet with a course tutor to catch up on what I’ve missed?
Our services supplement class instruction but do not replace missed class content or homework assignments. Our tutors aren’t attending the classes they tutor, so they don’t know the exact material your professors have covered. If you’ve missed multiple class meetings, talk to your professor to find out if it’s possible to make up what you’ve missed. Your professor might recommend that you ask a fellow classmate for lecture notes. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with recent lectures, reading, and homework assignments, visit the WaLC with a list of specific questions about the material.

I attended a course tutoring session right before my last exam, but my grade didn’t improve. What happened?
We’re good, but we’re not magicians! Our tutors are not here to help you cram for tests or to replace independent study time, but they will provide you with strategies for reviewing, understanding, and learning the material. Real learning takes time, and it’s up to you to allocate additional time for studying on your own. Need help finding time to study? Visit our online guide to better time management, or make an appointment for a one-on-one session with one of our talented Academic Skills Consultants.


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