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Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic Learners are sometimes referred to as physical, active, or tactile learners. These individuals prefer to learn and to communicate using activities. Kinesthetic learners tend to remember best when they are able to physically engage with information.

 Learning Strategies for Kinesthetic Learners:

  • Type or re-write your lecture notes after class.
  • Walk around your room as you recite information.
  • Move your finger under the words as you read.
  • Take notes or create outlines as you read.
  • Participate in labs whenever possible.
  • Create games (i.e. Jeopardy, Word Bingo, Memory, charades) to use when studying in a group.
  • Record lectures or record yourself summarizing important information, then listen to the recordings as you exercise.
  • Before reading, write a list of questions you have about the material, then answer the questions as you read.
  • Incorporate hands-on techniques whenever possible:  conduct experiments or research, develop projects, or make presentations.

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