FAQ- Residency

1. I am incorrectly classified as an out-of-state resident, what do I need to do to correct the problem?

Applicants to the university will need to contact the correct office in relation to student type:

Undergraduate Admissions - 828.227.7317
Graduate Admissions - 828.227.7398

If already enrolled, students need to contact the Registrar’s Office through the Student OneStop at 828.227.7170.

These offices will be able to correctly guide students on the steps needed to correct residency coding.

If a student was initially classified as an out-of-state student, but feels that in-state residency for tuition purposes is now the correct classification, then filling out the residency application and submitting it to the correct office for reclassification will be required.

The residency application can be found here.

2. How long is process and review time for the application?

The initial review of the residency application can usually be done on the same day it is received.  Many times this will result in a decision that same day, but sometimes this process can take longer if there are certain documents that the reviewer would like to see which were not submitted with the initial residency application. 

Decisions are mailed to the applicants, so please allow a few days for delivery.

3. How long to I have to live in the state of NC to become an instate resident for tuition purposes?

The minimum required amount of time to maintain a domicile in North Carolina for tuition purposes is 12 consecutive months prior to enrollment.

4. I work in NC but I live in another state, am I eligible for instate tuition?

No.  The regulations state that the student’s domicile must be in NC.

5. I am active duty military or recently separated from the military, would I qualify for residency?

Military members who separate from the military can be granted in-state residency if the Home of Record at the time of separation is listed as NC OR if the family moves to NC immediately upon separation.  The NC residency manual has a number of exceptions and policies for military and dependants.  A full explanation can be found in the manual Section: IV. B 2 page 16.

6. My parents are seriously considering moving out-of-state. If that happens do I still pay in-state tuition or does it turn into out of state? We have been living in NC for over ten years.

The State of North Carolina continues the benefit of in-state tuition to students who move out-of-state for a period of 12 months. However, that are some caveats. You should consult the North Carolina State Residency Classification Manual. Specifically you want to review the section titled "Statutory Grace Period Following Loss of Resident Status" on pages 24/5 to see if you can continue to be charged the in-state rate.

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