International Studies Program

Careers in International Studies

What jobs are available?

The strength of choosing International Studies as a coordinate major is that it will complement your second chosen major, by allowing you to apply an international perspective and awareness to any field of study. Today’s world is interconnected and interdependent, and the knowledge you gain from your International Studies classes can only strengthen you as a job candidate. 

Certainly, there are a myriad of job possibilities to choose from depending on your specific combination of majors, but common positions for individuals with an International Studies degree include foreign service official, diplomat, research associate, translator, humanitarian aid worker, legislative correspondent, international business professional, public health specialist, policy/intelligence analyst, international trade consultant, international development specialist, etc.

Who employs students with this major?

• Federal government (CIA, FBI, Military, USAID, Peace Corps, etc.)
• Government Contractors (especially defense contractors)
• United Nations
• North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
• Embassies and Consulates
• Non-governmental organizations (Oxfam, International Red Cross, etc.)
• Major corporations
• Banks
• Travel Industry
• Universities/study abroad programs
• Foreign policy research institutes
• Teach Abroad programs

Good skills or traits for International Studies majors:

• Strong written, oral, and analytical skills
• Interest in international current events and global cultures
• Flexibility to adapt to and enjoy international travel

Special training, degrees, or experience I may need:

• Proficiency in a foreign language
• Choose your second major carefully, so that it complements your international studies classes and, in turn, boosts your career options and opportunities
• Internationally-oriented internships, co-ops, and summer jobs will enhance your marketability for employment
• Participation in study abroad will help improve your global cultural awareness
• An M.A. or Ph.D. is often needed for employment at the university level

Websites to Visit:

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