Careers in English
Bachelor of Arts Degree in

Teaching certification is also available that would lead to a Bachelor of Science in Education with a concentration in English. See College of Education and Allied Professions for more information.

What jobs are available?

Writing and editing, Publishing, Web development, Research and education, Technical writing, Freelance writing and editing, Law, Advertising, Marketing and sales.

Who employs English majors?
  • Software developers
  • Publishing companies
  • Web content providers
  • Law firms
  • Trade groups
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Universities, colleges and schools
  • Magazines, newspapers, radio and TV
  • Public relations firms and departments
  • Advertising firms and departments
Good skills or traits for English majors:
  • Able to write well, speak well and read carefully.
  • Skilled at research, analysis, argumentation and organization.
  • Practice with computers, especially word processing, databases, presentation software and research tools.
  • Trained to evaluate and use web resources, especially content and investigative materials.
  • Experience working on both individual and group projects.
  • Capable of collaborating, writing and researching in teams.
  • Adept at being detail oriented.
Special training, degrees or experience I may need:
  • A portfolio of written and electronic work is an effective compliment and addition to the job search.
  • Co-ops and internships are extremely useful for both gaining experience and developing job contacts.
  • Opportunities for experience at Western include the Writing and Learning Commons and working for student publications like the student newspaper (the Carolinian), the yearbook, or the student literary magazine (the Nomad).
  • Professional programs, like law schools, often prefer English majors over other undergraduate degrees.
  • An M.A. or Ph.D. is required for college or university teaching.
  • The B.S.Ed. is required for K-12 public school certification.
  • Participate in the English Club, Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, the Creative Writing Club, or the Poetry Slam Team to make contacts, to develop real work experiences and last but not least just to have fun!
What can you expect to do while you are an English major at Western?

Have fun doing what you love!
  • Read and Write: If you like to read and write, then English is your major. We encourage you to express your ideas, not merely regurgitate class notes and lecture material. If you've ever wanted to get credit for speaking (and writing) your mind, be an English major!
  • Talk: We encourage you to take a stand, defend your ideas, disagree with one another, and with us! You'll find yourself in class with people who love to read and write as much as you do, and you'll have the opportunity to talk with them about your own work and the works you love.
  • Projects: Western also understands that you are going to college, in part, to become better prepared to find and get a job, so the work you do in classes will help you do just that:
    From traditional projects, that show employers your writing, editing, research, and critical skills, to online projects incorporating software expertise (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, LAN file sharing, internet research, FTP), English prepares you to get a job; that's why it is one of the most respected and sought after majors in the business world where Writing Rules!
Organizations and Clubs Activities Include:
  • The English Club - Poetry Slams, Visiting Scholars, Job Fairs
  • Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society - Picnics, Movie and Bowling Trips, Parties
  • Creative Writing Club - Writing Workshops, Dinners, Readings
Why be an English major?

  • High Tech - Technical Writer; Software Designer; Web Designer; Hi-tech training; etc.
  • Creative Writing - Children's Literature; Magazine Articles; Science Fiction/Fantasy; Scriptwriting; Mystery/Suspense; Playwriting; etc.
  • Marketing - Market Research; Brand Management; Advertising;Promotions; Public Relations; Sales; Product Research; etc.
  • Non-Profit Organizations - Grant Writer; Speech Writer; Development Director; Newsletter Writing and Editing; Public Relations; Advocate/Lobbyist; etc.
  • Teaching - Secondary Education; Community College;College and University Instructors; Technical Support; Human Resources; etc.
  • Editing and Publishing - Books; Magazines and Trade Journals; Newspapers; Technical Reports; Online Distribution; Newsletters; Radio and Television Broadcasts; Movie Advertisements; etc.
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