Career Journal

The WCU Career Journal informs students about on campus career events, talks about job opportunities for different degrees, describes the services offered by the Center for Career and Professional Development, and discusses many career development topics.

The WCU Career Journal is available in PDF format. You may need to download the free Adobe Reader.

Current Version:

April 2015 (Download Now)

  • Alumni Shadowing Program successful!
  • Partnering with CEAP makes Education Recruitment Day a success!
  • Creating and maintaining a professional digital presence
  • Summer travel helps alumni launch successful social enterprise
  • Claire Lippy: Student Worker of the Year!
  • The First 90 Days: Your post-graduation success story!
  • The “Style" of Success: Peer-to-peer advice


March 2015 (Download Now)

  • Institutional Learning Objectives and Workplace Skills
  • Reporting to You from NCACE
  • Spring 2015 Career Goals
  • Alumni Career Services
  • Land the Interview, Score the Job
  • Become a Peer Career Mentor
  • Peer Career Mentor Mobile Schedule

October 2014 (Download Now)

  • When WCU Students are Building the Future
  • What Employers Want
  • Meet the Peer Mentors
  • Finish in Four
  • Catamount Externship
  • Fall Career Events
  • Peer Career Mentor Mobile Schedule

April 2014 (Download Now)

  • Become a Peer Career Mentor
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Career Fairs
  • Make the Most of LinkedIn
  • See who Attended our Career Fairs!
  • Peer Career Mentor Mobile Schedule

October 2013 (Download Now)

  • Announcing Catamount Externships
  • Using JobCat to Find Part- and Full-time Jobs
  • Network: Mentorship and Camaraderie to Springboard a Career
  • Developmental Approach Enables Real-World Adaptation
  • Introducing: 2013-2014 Peer Career Mentors

May 2013 (Download Now)

  • CIS Major Lands Internship
  • On Resume Writing
  • Researching Employers
  • Student Employee of the Year
  • Student Co-Op of the Year
  • Taking Advantage of a Missed Opportunity

March 2013 (Download Now)

  • LinkedIn: What Do I Do Now?
  • Upcoming Career Fairs March 13, 14, and 19
  • Maintaining Professional Boundaries in Social Media
  • The Face Behind the WCU Facebook Page
  • Welcoming the Newest Member of the Career Services and Cooperative Education Team
  • Generating Positive Content in Social Media
  • Thank You Notes: Email or Handwritten

October 2012 (Download Now)

  • Pathway to Intentional Learning
  • How to Successfully Navigate a Career Fair
  • Peer Career Mentors Introduced
  • Securing a Job with Amazon
  • The Partnership Between Academic Advising and Career Services


June 2012 (Download Now

  • Contacting Past Career Fair Recruiters
  • Peer Career Mentors Introduced
  • Co-Op/Intern Student of the Year
  • Top Reasons to Link into LinkedIn
  • Student Employee of the Year
  • Jobcat: A User’s Guide
  • NEW: FOCUS 2 Online System

March 2012 (Download Now

  • Nurturing the “Growth” of your Résumé
  • To Intern or Not to Intern
  • Did you know?
  • Study Abroad, A Student’s Perspective
  • Guidelines for Professional Attire
October 2011 (Download Now)      
  • Peer Mentoring
  • JobCat Employment
  • An Interview with Glenda Hensley
  • A New Batch of Peer Career Mentors
  • Collaborative Partnerships  

April 2011 (Download Now)

  • QEP in Action 
  • Programs for Success 
  • JobCat Employment Tool
  • Resume Writing
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • New PCMs 


March 2011(Download Now)

  • Critical things students should know about job searching
  • Career Week Events March 15, 16, and 17
  • Career Success Workshop Series, every Monday at 3PM!

October 2010(Download Now)


  • Following a Career Path at WCU
  • Programs for Success
  • Peer Education Program Takes Off
  • New to Career Services: Peggy Tompkins
  • Photo Essay: Peer Career Mentors Making a Difference
  • Event Calendar
  • First WCU-Customized Mock Interview


May 2010 (Download Now)

  • Programs for Success
  • Perspective & Advice
  • Co-op Student of the Year
  • Peer Career Mentor Program
  • Photo Essay: Graduate Students Making a Difference
  • Spring Event Calendar
  • First WCU Customized Mock Interview

March 2010 (Download Now) 

  • Advice from a Young Alumna
  • Programs for Success
  • The Benefits of Networking
  • Photo Essay: Student Organizations Making a Difference
  • Career Mentor Opportunities at WCU
  • Spring Event Calendar

December 2009 (Download Now)

  • Programs for Success
  • What it Means to be Business Ready®
  • Photo Essay: Making a Difference Through Internships
  • Spring 2010 Event Calendar

August 2009 (Download Now)

  • Observations & Advice
  • Top Tips for New Grads
  • Photo Essay: Making a Difference
  • Fall 2009 & Spring 2010 Event Calendars

April 2009 (Download Now)                                                                                               

  • Perspective from the College of Business
  • Perspective from the College of Health & Human Sciences
  • Perspective from the College of Fine Arts                                               
  • Perspective from the College of Arts & Sciences
  • Perspective from the Kimmel School of Construction Management and Technology
  • Perspective from the College of Education and Allied Professions
  • Using Technology to Prepare for Your Job Search     

March 2009 (Download Now)

  • Are you Considering Graduate School?                                                                                   
  • Recession Readying Your Job Search
  • What College Graduates Can Expect Out of the Job Market

December 2008 (Download Now)                                                                                 

  • Personal Perspective: Disability Awareness                                                              
  • Successful Networking                                                                       

September 2008 (Download Now)

  • A Personal Perspective on Current Economics Tips on Handling a Daunting Economy

May 2008 (Download Now)

  • What We Offer Alumni
  • Do's and Don'ts of Job Searches

February 2008 (Download Now)

  • Faculty Comments on Internship & Co-ops
  • Much Learning Does Not Teach Understanding
  • 'Perfect Interview'

December 2007 (Download Now)

  • How Service Learning Fosters Synthesis and Prepares Students for Careers
  • Do you know where you're going? Great reasons to attend a Career Event.
  • Improve Employment odds with 'Perfect Interview'

September 2007 (Download Now)

  • QEP, Service-Learning, and Co-ops
  • Diamond in the Making: A Quality Enhancement Plan Designed to Shine
  • Improve Employment odds with 'Perfect Interview'

May 2007 (Download Now)

  • Services Offered to Graduating Seniors
  • Information for Graduating Seniors
  • Effective Points for Surviving Your First 30 Days on the Job

February 2007 (Download Now)

  • Lots of Action at Career Services Website
  • Transferability: Career Cross-training
  • Career Report: Direct Experience of a Cooperative/Internship

December 2006 (Download Now)

  • Quick Tips to Interviewing Techniques
  • Career Education and the QEP
  • Spring Calendar of Events

September 2006 (Download Now)

  • Students, new and returning, welcome to your successful take-charge year
  • The Perfect Interview
  • Internships and co-ops: Experiential learning through Career Services

May 2006 (Download Now)

  • Congratulations Graduates!
  • Career Services for Alumni
  • Resume & Cover Letter Examples

March 2006 (Download Now)

  • Career Week provides job opportunities for students
  • Building for the future: Find work at Education, Construction Management recruitment events

January 2006 (Download Now)

  • Improved Resume Means Better Odds of Being Hired.
  • The Changing Face of Multiculturalism in the Workforce
  • Spotlight on Majors: Construction Management

October 2005 (Download Now)

  • Find Potential Employers at Corporate Career Expo.
  • Transferable Skills Important in New Economy

September 2005 (Download Now)

  • Students: Let Us Help You Prepare For Your Career.
  • Improve Employment Odds with Perfect Interview
  • Wanted: Career Peer Mentors.

May 2005 (Graduation Edition) (Download Now)

  • Find Potential Employers at Corporate Career Expo.
  • Transferable Skills Important in New Economy

April 2005 (Download Now)

  • Interviewing for Success!

January 2005 (Download Now)

  • In the woods at Western: How to Blaze a Trail
  • Success Tips
  • Learn how to become a Career Peer Mentor

October 2004 (Download Now)

  • Catch 22: Getting Experience
  • Planning Success

September 2004 (Download Now)

  • In the woods at Western: How to Blaze a Trail
  • Success Tips
  • Learn how to become a Career Peer Mentor

April 2004 (Download Now)

  • Career Success At Western
  • Etiquette at a Glance

January 2004 (Download Now)

  • Rethinking Liberal Arts Skills in the New Economy
  • Welcome back to Western and to a Spring Semester

October 2003 (Download Now)

  • Co-Op of a Lifetime
  • Welcome to Western Carolina University and the first edition of the Career Journal




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