learning communities
Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Learning Communities provide students with the opportunity to develop friendships and experience learning as a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives during their transition to campus life.  A learning community is a set of linked courses that place students with similar interests together in two or three courses.  Please see the exciting list of Learning Community Options below to find the theme that most interests you - then make your choices in CatWalk!

Learning Communities Offered Fall 2015


Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll: Surviving Adulthood (or Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll: Life Under the Influence)

During college and the years that follow, young adults often find themselves directly or indirectly influenced by drugs, alcohol, and sexual activity.  These influences are reflected in our everyday interactions and many facets of society: social gatherings, personal choices, music and the media.  This Learning Community will focus on personal choice and how choices affect those around us. Students will be asked to reflect on their existing knowledge and will broaden their understanding of health and its influence on college and young adult environments. Includes: English 101, Health 123, and USI 130.

Athletics in the University

College athletics has had a tremendous impact on individual athletes and also on society as a whole.  There have been great stories of courage, teamwork, and resilience.  But, there have also been stories of scandal concerning greed, substance abuse and violence.  This LC will examine the role of sports--the good, the bad, and the ugly-- on the college campus.  Societal issues as well as personal health will be addressed within the framework of English 101, Health 123, and USI 130.

Listen: Self and Community through Popular Music

The "Listen" Learning Community will consider the vast influence popular music holds on U.S. culture, especially since the emergence of commercial phonograph records and radio broadcasting in the 1920s. Some questions our learning community will explore: Why does the combination of rhythm, text, timbre, and melody communicate such a universally powerful message? How do we experience sound, both individually and as a community? How does place or region inspire particular musical styles? What do social and historical contexts have to do with musical interpretation? How does popular music incorporate rhetorical devices like narrative and argument? Why is copyright and authorship so important and how is it changing in the digital age? How does music influence individual identity? What can music teach us about gender? How does music shape my life? Includes English 101, Music 190, and USI 130.

Pathways to Justice and Hope

Throughout history, individuals of all backgrounds have become exceptional by imagining that a new world is possible, by believing that arc of the universe bends toward justice, and by approaching problems in the world with hope. We will explore these stories to understand social issues like poverty, inequality, homelessness, and health care, among others. By understanding multiple viewpoints, we will examine the causes and effects of such issues and consider how to take on the duties of an engaged citizen in order to offer solutions to complex problems. Includes English 101, Psy 150, and USI 130.


The Ripple Effect
We believe that information, converted into action, followed by structured critical reflection, can lead to a ripple effect ultimately bringing about social change. Bring your heart, mind, and soul -- and prepare to embark on a journey where you will become a part of something that is bigger than you, but better because of you. Includes Entr 195 and USI 130. Participants will be allowed to move on campus early to attend a pre-semester retreat prior to the beginning of classes. ($100 fee to cover cost of retreatVisit this page to learn more about this cohort – LC 05.

WHEE Teach
We believe that one teacher can change the world, one student at a time. Designed for students interested in becoming educators, this cohort will offer a holistic educational experience in an engaged environment among your peers and working with your Peer Mentors and faculty in the College of Education and Allied Professions. Includes Soc 191 and USI 130) Visit this page to learn more about this cohort – LC06.




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