Service-Learning Presentations by WCU Students

Adams, M., Hardison, L., & Withrow, S. (2009, November). Service-learning initiatives in Western Carolina’s MBA program: Promoting business sustainability within the region. Presentation at the North Carolina Campus Compact Student Conference. Cullowhee, NC.

Bochnak Kirchmann, Tracy, & Marie T. Cochran. (2010, February -- Scheduled). The Jackson County Green Energy Park and Western Carolina University: Powering the arts and economic development with an artisan crafts incubator model. Presentation at NC Campus Compact’s 12th Annual Pathways to Achieving Civic Engagement (PACE) Conference. Elon, NC. [Cochran is an Assistant Professor of Art.]

Dowdell, Ramona, Carlyn Wright, & Janet Carothers. (2009, November). Life-long service: The power of reflection. Presentation at the North Carolina Campus Compact Student Conference. Cullowhee, NC.

Leserra, A., J. Devor, & C. Govan.  (2009, November). Improving the ironstone grill. Presentation at the North Carolina Campus Compact Student Conference. Cullowhee, NC.

Li, Xiaoli, Hanna Allen, & Andrew Linton. (2011, Febururary). A RhetoricalApproash to Service-Learning. A panel presentation. Presented at the Pathways to Achieving Civic Engagement (PACE) conference. 

McRight, N., T. Minton, L. Rhein, J. Simmons., M. Taylor, R. Vanderburg, C. Workman, & Georgia Hambrecht [faculty]. (2009, November). Examples of service learning imbedded within a professional preparation effort. Poster presentation at the National Convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. New Orleans, LA.

Moyle, S.
(2009, March). Service learning and a financial planning case study. Poster presentation at the 11th annual Western Carolina University Undergraduate Expo. Cullowhee, NC.
Zanglein, Jayne, White, Barbara J., Jane Nichols, Cheryl Johnson, H. Ponder, J. Hubler, & R. Stuckey. (2008, September). Using service learning to develop professionalism in students. Presentation at WCU’s Faculty Enrichment and Educational Day. Cullowhee, NC. [Zanglein, White, Nichols, & Johnson are WCU faculty members.]

Sullivan, S.  (2010). Labor Disputes and Teachable Moments. Presentation at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities' national American Democracy meeting in Providence R.I.




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