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Program and Course Descriptions

The Culturally Based Native Health Program is a collaborative initiative between Western Carolina University and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Our mission is to provide a culturally oriented approach to training for health professionals serving Native peoples, grounded in a tribal community, and integrated into the core of the University. This is an interdisciplinary Certificate Program in Culturally Based Native Health and requires 12 credit hours, including six required hours and six elective hours. As an interdisciplinary program, this certificate is not intended as transitional to a master’s degree. All courses are offered online. Click here for a copy of the Culturally Based Native Health program flyer

These courses are unique in providing cultural competency training, in that they are all developed with Native community members and health professionals.

Required Courses
NAS 474/574    Issues in Indian Health Cherokee
NAS 470/570    Cherokee Culture and History

Elective Courses

NAS 471/571    Indigenous & Western Psychologies
NAS 452/552   The Roots of Health Disparities In Native American Populations
NAS 476/576   Tobacco & Substance Use Among American Indians  
NAS 472/572   Healing the Wounded Native Child  

Course Descriptions:

NAS 470/570 Cherokee History & Culture (3)
Course provides a general introduction to Cherokee culture and history with an emphasis on relationship to health and policy. PREQ: Junior or Senior standing.
Will be one of two required courses for the Culturally Based Native Health Graduate Certificate.

NAS 474/574 Issues in Indian Health (3)
Historical and cultural context of disease in the Americas from 1500 AD to present, with focus on health of Indigenous Peoples of the Southeast.
PREQ: Junior or Senior standing. Will be one of two required courses for the Culturally Based Native Health Graduate Certificate.

NAS 452/552 The Roots of Health Disparities in Native American Populations (3)
Course will introduce students to the current debate and literature of the connection between genetic and environmental factors which must be considered in approaching contemporary health issues in Indian country.

NAS 472/572 Healing the Wounded Native Child (3)
Course will increase students’ understanding of culturally sensitive care and key elements involved in addressing behavioral health needs of Native child and adolescent populations.

NAS476/576 Tobacco and Substance Use Among American Indians (3)
Broad historic and contemporary survey of how tobacco and conscious-altering substance usages are situated within the culture and daily lives of Southeastern Native peoples.

NAS 471/571 Indigenous & Western Psychologies (3)
Epistemologies and world views of Southeastern Native peoples will be discussed in comparison with standard Western approaches to addressing behavioral health. Course will increase students’ understanding of key elements involved in delivery of care that addresses needs of Native populations in behavioral health.




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