Chancellor's Meritorious Awards for Engaged Teaching

Guidelines and Procedures for the Chancellor's Meritorious Award for Engaged Teaching (Word)

2008 Winners

The College of Education and Allied Professions

Patricia Bricker –Department of Elementary and Middle Grade Education, Assistant Professor of Elementary and Middle Grades Education
Cathy Grist- Department of Human Services, Assistant Professor of Human Services
Lori Unruh-Department of Psychology, Coordinator of the School Psychology Graduate Program
Debby Singleton-Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Instructor of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Lisa Bloom-Department of Human Services, Professor of Special Education

The College of Health & Human Sciences

Dottie Green-Department of Social Work, Assistant Professor of Social Work
Lisa Briggs-Department of Applied Criminology, Assistant Professor of Applied Criminology
Tonya Westbrook-Department of Social Work, Assistant Professor of Social Work
Clare DeCristofaro-Department of Nursing, Associate Professor of Nursing

The College of Arts & Sciences

Elizabeth McCrae- Department of History, Assistant Professor of History
David Kinner- Department of Geo Sciences and Natural Resources, Assistant professor of Geology
Jamie Davis- Department of Modern Foreign Language, Assistant professor of French and Spanish
Peter Bates-Department of Geo Sciences and Natural Resources, Associate Professor of Natural Resource Conservation and Management
Sean O’Connell-Department of Biology, Assistant professor of Biology

The Kimmel School

Robert Adams- Department of Engineering and Technology, Director of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
William McDaniel- Department of Engineering and Technology, Coordinator of the Engineering Technology Distance Learning program

The College of Fine and Performing Arts

Erin Tapley-School of Art and Design, Associate Professor of Art Education
Jane Nichols-School of Art and Design, Assistant Professor of Art and Design
Travis Bennett- School of Music, Assistant Professor of Horn and Music
Arledge Armenaki-Department of Stage and Screen, Associate Professor of Cinematography


2007 Winners

Kathleen Brennan, assistant professor of sociology, co-led a student group that developed heritage materials about the region’s outdoor community and involved classes in the American Democracy Project’s voter registration initiative.

Carroll Brown, assistant professor of hospitality and tourism, helps students apply marketing and research theory to Mountain Heritage Day planning and debriefing, and to initiatives such as analyzing eco-tourism feasibility on Daufuskie Island, Ga.

Mae Miller Claxton, assistant professor of English, helped students connect “place” with a person’s identity through coursework interviewing Appalachian residents, service learning at Appalachian Homestead Farm Preserve and digital heritage projects.

Chris Cooper, assistant professor of political science, has led students in public policy surveys that inform government leaders and developed coursework where students plan campaigns from fundraising methods to publicity.

Cynthia Deale, associate professor of hospitality and tourism, crafted assignments that support Mountain Heritage Center efforts and that invite students to work on real projects needed by area businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Sharon Dole, assistant professor of special education, encourages students to attend an event where they are part of a minority, to apply for grants for projects that help people who have special needs, and to work at the Cullowhee Creativity Camp.

Jeanne Goins Dulworth, assistant professor of social work, links students with “clients” at a Cullowhee nursing home, organizes service to social work-related advocacy projects, and leads trips abroad to help students experience and reflect on diversity.

Claire Eye, assistant professor of stage and screen, guided students in Theatre in Education productions created in collaboration with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and helped create “Broadway in the Mountains” summer camp.

Chip Ferguson, assistant professor of engineering and technology, has involved students in developing an innovative orthopedic rehabilitation machine and a packaging product for Christmas tree ornaments prepared by Watauga Opportunities Inc.

Leah Hampton, instructor of English, directs a program where she recruits and trains WCU students to mentor children at the Cherokee Youth Center and also develops community-minded writing assignments in her classes.

Glenda Hensley, assistant professor of stage and screen, led students to help with and create a documentary of a Tony-award winning costume designer’s symposium, and included topics from recycling to Cherokee culture in the Theatre in Education program.

Jean Hill, assistant professor of nursing, teaches students about community health through coursework that offers students experiences with agencies from grant-writing to preparing informational materials such as patient care brochures in Spanish and English.

Kelly Kelley, instructor of special education, links students to field experiences with families of people who have disabilities and facilitates bringing people who have disabilities to meet and work with special education students on campus.

Mark Lord, associate professor of geosciences and natural resources, co-developed Cullowhee Creek Environmental Field Station for students and has taken students to Nevada for environmental and forestry research.

Alvin Malesky, assistant professor of psychology, has organized field trips for forensic psychology students to correctional facilities including death row, and involved students in service-learning experiences for a crisis hotline.

Maurice Phipps, professor of health, physical education and recreation, teaches students about situational leadership and group dynamics through coursework including planning, leading and analyzing outdoor, multiple-day expeditions.

Mickey Randolph, professor of psychology, offers students learning experiences through serving the Life Fit program, which helps pre-teen girls develop healthy lifestyles, and through assignments such as a self-modification behavioral change project.

William Richmond, associate professor of computer information systems, links students with “clients” such as the Jackson County Department of Social Services, to analyze needs and then recommend software or technology to improve efficiency.

Phillip Sanger, associate professor of engineering and technology, has guided students in projects such as a study of the strength of the beam structure at a Cullowhee church and relocating an organization that employs people who have disabilities.

Wes Stone, assistant professor of engineering and technology, helped students craft and conduct research using the Oxford Laser and analyze technological processes for organizations such as the Marketing Association for Rehabilitation Centers.

Benjamin Tanner, assistant professor of geosciences and natural resources, guided students in research to restore rivercane, a once-plentiful plant used by the Cherokee; studies of hurricane frequency; and restoration of the Cullowhee Creek.

Mary Teslow, assistant professor of health sciences, teaches students through hands-on projects such as conducting a quality improvement project at Harris Regional Hospital that yielded implementation of a proposed birth certificate process.

Bradley Ulrich, professor of music, has guided the student-run WCU Trumpet Festival, the largest festival of its kind in the United States, for the past six years, and links students with community service such as performing at funerals or athletic events.

Jayne Zanglein, assistant professor of business law, involves students in hands-on initiatives, from developing a campus mediation program involving Student Community Ethics to working on statewide agricultural mediation cases.

James Zhang, associate professor of engineering and technology, led student development of a remotely accessible engineering laboratory, and supervised student projects that aided organizations such as Blue Ridge Paper and a water quality group.

For more information about the awards, contact Carol Burton, assistant vice chancellor for undergraduate studies, at (828) 227-7497.


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