September 5, 1974


Conference Room, Bird Administration Building, September 5, 1974

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session at 10:00 a.m. on September 5, 1974, in the Conference Room of Bird Administration Building. Trustees present were:

Mr. James H. Glenn, Chairman
Mr. Jack E. Abbott
Mr. Orville D. Coward
Mr. Robert L. Edwards
Mr. John 11. Gloyne
Mr. Jack M. Hennessee
Mr. Hazen Ledford
Mr. Thomas L. Mallonee
Mr. Clyde M. Norton
Mrs. Helen B. Owen
Mr. Richard B. Wynne

Miss Clemmer had written to say-that she would be on a trip with her family and would not-be able to attend the meeting.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Glenn. Draft minutes had been mailed to the trustees, and, there being no objections, the chair declared the minutes approved as written.

The first item of business was the election of officers. Mr. Mallonee moved that the present officers be re-elected, and Mr. Coward and Mr. Gloyne seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously, and officers for 1974-75 are: Chairman, James H. Glenn; Vice-Chairman, Jack M. Hennessee; Secretary, Helen B. Owen.

Mr. Glenn asked that committee memberships remain the same for 1974-75, with Miss Clemmer replacing Harold Rogers on the Academic Affairs and the Student Affairs committees. Mr. Abbott was requested to assume the chairmanship of the Business Affairs committee to replace Mr. Gentry who had resigned, and Mr. Abbott agreed. A complete list of committee memberships is attached.

Three trustees--Mr. Mallonee, Mr. Hennessee, and Mrs. Owen--had been elected to the Endowment Committee at a previous meeting. Instructions from General Administration indicated that terms of office should be designated for these committee members. Mr. Ledford moved that these three trustees be confirmed as Endowment Committee members and that terms be assigned by a draw. Mr. Abbott seconded the motion, and Mr. Mallonee drew the three-year term, Mrs. Owen, the two-year term, and Mr. Hennessee, the one-year term.

Draft by-laws of the Board of Trustees had been distributed for study at an earlier meeting. Mr. Coward moved that the by-laws be adopted, Mr. Mallonee seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous. (A copy of the by-laws is on file in the Chancellor's Office as Exhibit No. 1.)

The Building Committee had met just prior to the Board meeting, and Mr. Norton presented the following recommendations:

1. That Lawrence J. Traber, of Asheville, be named architect for a volatile chemicals building. Mr. Wynne moved that the Board accept this recommendation, Mr. Hennessee seconded, and the motion carried.

2. That the full Board adopt the budget requests for capital improvements in the order of priority as established. Dr. Hyatt reviewed the requests for the Board and asked Mr. William O. Moore, long-range campus planner, to show his drawings and explain how the requested items would fit into the long-range plan. Following this discussion, Mr. Norton moved that the recommendation be approved, Mr. Abbott seconded, and the vote was unanimous. (A copy of the priority list is on-file in the Chancellor's Office as Exhibit No. 2.)

3. That Jackson County be permitted to use the water lines and lease the water rights only on the Wolf Creek watershed belonging to the university. Upon Mr. Norton's motion and Mr. Ledford's second, the following resolution was adopted:

Western Carolina University owns a number of acres known as the Wolf Creek Water Shed, in the Cullowhee Mountain community of Jackson County. In connection with this water shed, the University also owns a water main about six inches in diameter that runs from said property to the main campus on Speedwell Road. Since this water shed was never used for the purposes intended, the water main has long ago been abandoned. The water main generally follows the meanderings of the Cullowhee Mountain Road; however, it deviates from said road in a number of places and crosses property owned by private citizens.

The County of Jackson, in an effort to begin a county-wide water system, proposes to lease from the University the water rights of the Wolf Creek Water Shed and to obtain by lease or sale the water main from the Wolf Creek Water Shed to Western Carolina University property. The University, in an effort to aid the county, desires to lease to Jackson County said water rights and transfer to Jackson County its interest in the water main.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that this Board of Trustees recommends to the proper State officials that instruments be prepared whereby the water rights only of the Wolf Creek Water Shed be leased to the County of Jackson for a period of five years for an annual rental of one dollar ($1.00); and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Board hereby declares as surplus that portion of the water main herein referred to, beginning at the northern boundary of the University's Wolf Creek, property, to the southern boundary of the University's property on Speedwell Road. The Chancellor is authorized to transmit these recommendations to the proper authorities with the request that this property be declared surplus and that it be transferred and conveyed to the County of Jackson.

4. That a letter of intent between University officials and Jackson County officials concerning the transfer of up to $350,000 for the construction of a sewage treatment plant be approved. Following discussion in which it was brought out that the University had only received the letter this morning, Mr. Norton moved to approve the letter of intent subject to the University's study and subject to approval of The University of North Carolina officials, and if any changes are needed, the Chairman would review with the Chancellor. Mr. Mallonee seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous. (A copy of the letter of intent is on file in the Chancellor's office as Exhibit No. 3.)

5. That easements acquired by the University for the sewage treatment plant be transferred to Jackson County. Upon Mr. Norton's motion and Mr. Abbott's second, the following resolution was adopted:

Jackson County is planning a county-wide sewerage system, and the university officials are negotiating with the county officials whereby the county will treat and dispose of all sewage requirements.

The University had plans to construct a sewerage treatment plant on the Tuckaseigee River property, and in this connection had obtained an easement running south along Cullowhee Creek to said property. The purpose of the easement was to run an outfall line along the creek to the new plant on the river. If, however, the officials of Western Carolina University and Jackson County are able to work out a satisfactory arrangement for the treatment of the university sewage, then it will be desirable to transfer to Jackson County its interest in the easements.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that this Board recommends to the proper state officials that the necessary instruments be prepared whereby all easements acquired by the university for the construction of a sewerage plant be transferred to Jackson County provided the officials of the university and the county arrive at a satisfactory arrangement for the treatment of university sewage.

Vice-Chancellor Dillard presented a request to increase the auto registration fee from $5 to $8, this increase to be effective immediately for faculty and staff and effective September 1, 1975, for students. Mr. Abbott moved to approve the increase, Mr. Gloyne seconded, and the vote was unanimous.

There was a further discussion on the capital improvements budget request and Dr. Robinson asked that the Board go on record as giving all assistance necessary to obtain the first twelve items, totaling 11.5 million dollars. Mr. Norton moved that all possible support by the Board members be given to the Chancellor in his efforts to secure these funds, Mr. Hennessee and Mr. Abbott seconded the motion, and the motion carried.

Dr. Robinson read a report entitled "Updating the Self-Study" which is to be attached to the self-study report for the accreditation team due on campus in October. (A copy of this report and an errata sheet for the self-study document is on file in the Chancellor's Office as Exhibit No. 4.)

Statistics on the projected fall enrollment were discussed, with the Board commending the administration for being able to attain the level of the previous year's headcount in a period of declining enrollments

New programs being planned were discussed, with Dr. Robinson reporting that authorization had been received to offer degrees in Special Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, and Health Sciences. A proposal for a degree in Electronic Communications has been submitted to Chapel Hill for approval, and a proposal to offer the M.S. in Business is being prepared for submission. A proposed School of Technology and expansion of the nursing program were also discussed.

Dr. Hyatt reported on Title IX regulations and gave examples of how these regulations might affect the University and its programs.

Dr. Hyatt then introduced Dr. Claude Simpson, new director of the Computer Center, and Dr. Simpson gave some ideas on the new equipment to be secured and how it would be used.

Mr. Glenn reported on a meeting with President Spencer of Davidson College regarding the Southern Conference and will attempt to have a similar meeting with Furman officials.

The traffic code as prepared and adopted by the University traffic committee had been presented to trustees at a previous meeting for study. Upon Mr. Mallonee's motion and Mr. Ledford's second, the code was approved. (A copy is on file in the, Chancellor's Office as Exhibit No. 5.)

An announcement of the AGB meeting in Chicago on October 24-25 was made.

The fact book prepared by the Office of Planning and Research was presented to the trustees. (A copy is on. file in the Chancellor's Office as Exhibit No. 6.)

Dr. Robinson I commented on plans for his inauguration and the Founders Day observance. If trustees have individuals they wish invited to these activities, please send list to Mrs. Jakes.

Vice-chancellor Dillard called attention to the Change Budget requests totaling 1.2 million dollars for new programs. (A copy is on file in the Chancellor's Office as Exhibit No. 7.)

Future Board meetings will be held on the first Thursday in the first month of each quarter. A schedule of Board of Governors meetings was also distributed.

Mr. Reed announced that Dr. Robinson would appear on WLOS-TV as the first program in an expanded public information effort.

Plans are being made for opening the new stadium. The problem of drinking in the stadium was discussed, and the consensus was to enforce the regulation that there be no consumption of alcoholic beverages in the stadium.

Dr. Robinson announced that the ad hoc long-range planning will have its final meeting this afternoon and will have a draft document ready then.

At this point the-Board went into executive session. Open Meeting Act

With no further business to be discussed, the meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m. for luncheon in Brown Cafeteria.

Respectfully submitted,
James H. Glenn, Chairman

Helen B. Owen, Secretary


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