September 13, 1979




Mr. Frank Watson, Clerk of Court for Jackson County, administered the oath of office to Mr. Abbott, Mr. Gloyne, and Mr. Patterson, all of whom had been reappointed to four-year terms ending in 1983. Also receiving the oath of office was Mr. Robert J. McGinn, of Lexington, a newly appointed Trustee for a four-year term ending in 1983.

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session on September 13, 1979, at 10:00 a.m. in the Board Room of the University Administration Building.


Members of the Board present were: Mr. Abbott, Mr. Cowan, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Glenn, Mr. Gloyne, Mr. Hennessee, Mr. McGinn, Mr. McKinney, Mr. Patterson, and Mr. Wynne. Members of the Board absent were: Dr. Coli, who had to attend an emergency meeting; Mrs. Phillips, who was ill; and Mr. Watson, who was in court. Others present included: Chancellor Robinson; Vice Chancellors Carter, Dooley, Stillion, and Stoltz; Mrs. Jakes, Assistant to the Chancellor; Mr. Brown, Special Assistant to the Chancellor; Mr. Creech, Director of Academic Services; Dr. Pickering, Faculty Representative to the Board; Mr. Pressley, Alumni Representative to the Board; Mr. Ramsey, Assistant to the Chancellor for WCU Programs in Asheville; Mr. Reed, Director of Public Information; Mr. Scott, Legal Counsel; Mr. Wood, Director of Institutional Studies and Planning; and Mrs. Shuler, Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor. Chairman Glenn presided over the meeting.


Chairman Glenn reported that copies of the minutes had been mailed to each Trustee. No correction or suggestion was made; and, upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously passed, the minutes were approved.


Upon proper motion duly seconded and passed by acclamation, Mr. Glenn was re-elected Chairman of the Board and was commended for the excellent service he has given to the University for the past several years. Also upon proper motion duly seconded and passed by acclamation, Mr. Hennessee was reelected Vice-Chairman and Mrs. Phillips, Secretary.


Chairman Glenn announced the following committee appointments:

Executive Committee

Mr. Glenn, Chairman
Mr. Abbott
Mr. Gloyne
Mr. Hennessee
Mr. Wynne

Property and Buildings Committee

Mr. Hennessee, Chairman
Mr. Cowan
Mr. Gloyne
Mr. McGinn
Mrs. Phillips

Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund

Mr. Hennessee (for term ending 6-30-80)
Mrs. Phillips (for term ending 6-30-81)
Mr. Watson (for term ending 6-30-82)

Personnel Committee

Mr. Wynne, Chairman
Mr. Edwards
Mr. Patterson
Mr. Watson

Business Affairs Committee

Mr. Abbott, Chairman
Dr. Coli
Mr. Cowan

Academic Affairs Committee

Mr. Edwards, Chairman
Dr. Coli
Mr. McKinney

Student Affairs Committee

Mr. Patterson, Chairman
Mr. McGinn
Mr. McKinney
Mr. Wynne


1. Power of Attorney for Dr. Robinson

In order to purchase some reprints of a magazine from the country of Liechtenstein, the Trustees had approved by telephone on June 13 the granting of a power of attorney to Chancellor Robinson. Upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously passed, the action was ratified.

2. Summer School Graduates

The Trustees previously had authorized the awarding of diplomas to students who met the requirements for summer school graduation. Upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously passed, the list of summer school graduates was ratified. (Copy of list on file with minutes material.)


Vice Chancellor Carter presented the need for the following fee increases and explained that the rapidly-increasing rate of inflation makes necessary a change in mid-year in the housing rates. He asked the Board to approve these changes:

1. Increase the housing rate from $275 per semester to $300 per semester, effective January 1, 1980;

2. Increase the housing rate from $300 per semester to $350 per semester, effective August, 1980;

3. Increase the University Center fee from $25 per semester to $30 per semester effective August, 1980;

4. Make an exception in the policy of setting fees a year in advance in the food service rate, since prices in this area are very unstable. The food service fee for 1980-81 to be brought to the Board at the earliest date that requirements can be accurately assessed.

Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously passed, the increases were approved.


1. Changes in Food Service

Chancellor Robinson informed the Trustees that approximately 300 students signed up for the 15-meal-per-week plan, while 3100 wishes to continue the 21-meal-per-week plan. There has been no major effect on cafeteria operations.

2. Visit by Board of Governors

New members of the Board of Governors, accompanied by Chairman Johnson, will visit the campus on September 21. Trustees are invited to join the group if at all possible.

3. Dedication of Building and Mountain Heritage Day

Plans for dedication of the University Administration/ Mountain Heritage Center building on September 29 were announced and trustees invited to participate in the various activities,

4. ROTC Presentation

Chancellor Robinson described the activities that had taken place on September 8, ROTC Day, when the University received its official order for "stand-alone" status. He also informed the Trustees that WCU had four of the top five cadets at summer camp. Additional military personnel, two officers, and one noncommissioned officer, will arrive on the campus around the first of January.

5. Trip to Haiti and Dominican Republic

Chancellor Robinson commented on his recent trip to Haiti and Dominican Republic as part of a team from the U. S. Department of State. The team met with host country officials to discuss possible involvement in the Title XII efforts of BIFAD.

6. Enrollment for Fall Semester

Mr. Creech reported on the fall enrollment statistics, indicating a 1+% increase over last year. He also indicated that SAT scores of entering freshmen are up about 10 points over last year. Two major activities are being planned for the fall: workshops for high school guidance counselors and Open House for high school seniors. Mr. Pressley reported that the Alumni Association is giving high priority to student recruitment.

7. Designation of Honorary Trustees

Following discussion, it was decided to hold up on the formation of a committee to consider this category of trustee.

8. Robertson Hall Bids

The bids received on August 31 were higher than the authorized funds, and negotiations are in process with the contractors to determine whether deductions can be made. It is hoped that approval of the project and approval of sale of revenue bonds to finance the project can be received in time to make awards of contracts by the end of September. It will be necessary to take $46,000 from the debt service reserve to finish the building.

9. Library Planning

Mr. Wood informed the Trustees that the plans are out for bids and that construction will be started as soon as possible. The University is asking for a full-time supervisor on the project and have had good cooperation from the architects.

Mr. Wood also commented that work is still in progress on the punch list for the University Administration Building.


Trustees were reminded that there is an upcoming Trustee conference in Chapel Hill and were urged to attend. The next Board meeting will be held on December 6, although there is a possibility that the date may need to be changed.


Chairman Glenn declared the Board to be in Executive Session.


With no further business to be transacted, the Board adjourned for lunch in Brown Cafeteria.

James H. Glenn, Chairman

Avis Phillips, Secretary


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