November 30, 1973


Catamount Room, A. K. Hinds University Center           November 30, 1973

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session on November 30, 1973, at 10:00 a.m. in Hinds University Center. Members present were: Mr. James H. Glenn, Chairman
Mr. Jack E. Abbott
Mr. Orville D. Coward
Mr. Robert L. Edwards
Mr. John H. Gloyne
Mr. Jack M. Hennessee
Mr. Hazen D. Ledford
Mr. Thomas L. Mallonee
Mr. Clyde M. Norton
Mrs. Helen B. Owen
Mr. Harold R. Rogers

Mr. Glenn announced that the Selection Committee is moving along with the work of selecting a chancellor and that the committee will have a very difficult task in making a decision.

Minutes of the September 28 meeting, in rough draft form, had been mailed to the Trustees. Mr. Mallonee moved that the minutes be approved as written, Mr. Norton seconded, and the approval was unanimous.

Before reporting on the actions of the Executive Committee, Mr. Glenn explained that the Executive Committee will function in two capacities: (1) to act in emergencies; (2) to consider information and studies to be brought to the full Board. He further stated that no decisions would be made by the Executive Committee except on an emergency basis and that any member of the Board is most welcome to attend Executive Committee meetings.

At the Executive Committee meeting on October 26, Dr. McEniry presented draft by-laws for the Board's consideration. These by-laws have been checked to be sure that they do not conflict with any of the governing documents of the University of North Carolina system. After discussion, Mr. Coward moved that action on the by-laws be postponed until the next meeting to allow Trustees time for closer study. Mr. Rogers seconded the motion, and the motion was approved.

The Executive Committee had recommended on October 26 that a request for an easement across the University's property at Camp Shelton be brought to the full Board for action. Mr. Scott explained the conditions of the easement; following discussion of how the University's property might be affected, Mr. Abbott moved that the easement be granted. Mr. Gloyne seconded, and the motion was approved.

At the Executive Committee meeting, Mr. Glenn had recommended that Trustees Hugh Gentry, Jack Hennessee, and Thomas Mallonee be elected to The Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund of Western Carolina University. Mr. Norton moved the acceptance of the recommendation, Mr. Abbott seconded, and the vote was unanimous.

Mr. Rogers recommended that students Donna Clemmer and Stephen Glenn be named to the committee being reactivated to name the new science laboratory building. Mr. Ledford moved that Mr. Rogers' recommendation be approved, Mr. Hennessee seconded, and the vote was unanimous The committee will consist of Mr. Clyde Norton, chairman, Mr. Jack Hennessee, Mr. Hazen Ledford, Mr. Richard Wynne, Dr. Gerald Eller, Dr. Royce Woosley, Mr. Ted Moody, Mr. Tyson Cathay, Miss Clemmer, and Mr. Gheen.

On November 16 the Executive Committee, the Academic Affairs Committee, and other members of the Board met and considered the proposed tenure regulations; the committees recommended that the regulations be presented to the full Board for action. Dr. McEniry enumerated some minor changes made in the document after the committees' recommendation and Mr. Ledford then moved that the regulations be adopted. Mr. Abbott seconded and the vote was unanimous. Dr. McEniry explained that the document would now be forwarded to the Board of Governors for final approval. (A copy of the document as approved by the Board of Trustees is on file in the Chancellor's Office as Exhibit No. 1.)

Mr. Norton reported on the Building Committee meeting of November 16 and asked Mr. Brown to give a detailed report on several items. Upon Mr. Abbott's motion, seconded by Mr. Mallonee, the Building Committee's recommendations for award of architectural contracts were approved. (See minutes of the Building Committee meeting on file in the Chancellor's Office as Exhibit No. 2 for the complete listing of these contracts.) Mr. Brown will proceed immediately with the request for design contracts to be prepared by Department of Administration.

Mr. Brown requested that a committee be appointed to name the stadium. Discussion about the composition of the committee followed, and Mr. Coward moved that Mr. Norton as chairman of the Building Committee, be authorized to appoint an appropriate committee for the naming of the stadium Mr. Ledford seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.

It was requested that Moore-Robinson Associates, campus planners, be invited to the next meeting to present the long-range plan to the full Board.

Mr. Glenn had requested that Mr. Scott obtain information on liability insurance for trustees, and Mr. Scott made a brief presentation of two plans. There was a discussion of the need for such coverage and from what sources funds could be used to pay for it. Mr. Dillard was requested to recommend how to pay for the policy at the next meeting, and Mr. Scott was asked to obtain more information on whether such a policy is needed, working in this regard with Mr. Coward and Mr. Norton, as necessary.

Mr. Dillard requested approval for the University to enter a one-year contract with Saga, a contract food service organization, to operate the restaurant and snack bar in the University Center. He explained the terms and conditions of the proposed contract; following an extended discussion, Mr. Coward moved to table the request until the next meeting of the Board to allow time for further study. Mr. Rogers seconded the motion and it was approved. Mr. Coward and Mr. Abbott were asked to work with Mr. Dillard in this connection.

Dr. McEniry, Mr. Waters, and Dr. Chambers commented on the possibility of Southern Conference affiliation. Mr. Mallonee moved that the administration proceed with the attempt to affiliate with the Southern Conference, Mr. Edwards seconded the notion, and the vote was unanimous.

Mr. Abbott moved that two part-time appointments be approved, Mr. Gloyne seconded, and the motion was approved. (See Exhibit #3 on file in the Chancellor's Office.)

Dr. McEniry commented on the proposed governance document, explaining that the old Faculty Handbook had been in conflict with The Code of the University of North Carolina and with the General Statutes. He requested that the Board have a recommendation on this document at the next Board meeting. (The document is on file as Exhibit #4 in the Chancellor's Office.)

Dr. McEniry summarized the continuing and cordial conferences with Chancellor Highsmith and officials of UNC-A about common problems relating to duplication of efforts, and stated that he would like Board approval to begin further exploration in order to present a definite program to the Board for approval. Any such program would require approval of the WCU Board, the UNC-A Board; President Friday would then present the program for approval of the Board of Governors. There was a general discussion of possible cooperative efforts and possible ramifications if no cooperative agreement is produced. Mr. Rogers made a motion to authorize the Chancellor to proceed with negotiations on an investigatory and preliminary basis. Mr. Coward seconded the motion. Following further discussion, the motion was approved. Mr. Mallonee was requested to serve as the Board's liaison in the negotiations taking place.

Dr.. McEniry then expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the cordial assistance and support given him by the members of the Board during his interim at Western Carolina, saying that he would like to make this expression before a new chancellor is chosen.

The Board then went into a short executive session, Open Meeting Act following which luncheon was served in Brown Cafeteria.

Respectfully submitted,

Jack E. Abbott, Chairman

Arnold Hyde, Secretary







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