January 28, 1970


Conference Room of Bird Administration Building     January 28, 1970

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session in the Conference Room of the Bird Administration Building, January 28, 1970, at 9:30 a. m.

The following members were present:
Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman
Thomas L. Mallonee, Vice-Chairman
Jack E. Abbott
Arnold J. Hyde
W. Harold Mitchell
Modeal Walsh
Boyce Whitmire
E. J. Whitmire

Members absent:
Frank Forsyth
Clyde M. Norton

Others present:
Alex S. Pow
W. Newton Turner
Frank H. Brown, Jr.
Taft B. Botner
Aubrey Drewry
J. Gerald Eller
Albert Gilman
Jim T. Hamilton
Gerald Hardy
James H. Horton
Taylor L. Huskins
Aaron Hyatt
L. D. Hyde
James E. Kirkpatrick
Maurice B. Morrill
Douglas Reed
Henry Wingate
Walter L. Williams
Mrs. Jane W. Sossomon

Dr. Hyde called the meeting to order and, following the roll call, noted the absence of two members of the Board, Mr. Frank Forsyth and Senator Clyde Norton. Senator Norton's absence was due to illness. Mr. Arnold Hyde moved, with a second by Mr. Abbott, that his absence be excused. This received unanimous approval. Several members of the Board felt that Mr. Forsyth's absence was due to his recent illness. Dr. Hyde asked for the wish of the Board in this connection. Mr. Hyde moved that Mr. Forsyth's absence be excused, the motion was seconded by Mr. Walsh; and the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Hyde called for the reading of the minutes of the last meeting on October 25, 1969. Dr. Pow stated that a draft of the minutes had been mailed to all members on October 30, 1969. On motion by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, with a second from Mr. Abbott, the draft minutes were approved by the Board.

Dr. Pow reported to the Board a recent communication from the Governor, dated January 5, 1970, regarding two vacancies on the Board-one by death, the second by resignation. The Governor has accepted Mrs. Dan K. Moore's resignation as of January 2, 1970; and he stated in his letter that he would move promptly in appointing two new members to the Board.

On the request of Dr. Hyde, Mr. Doug Reed presented the following resolution for Mr. J. Ramsey Buchanan to the Board for approval:

WHEREAS, J. Ramsey Buchanan for more than sixteen years served the State of North Carolina and its people as a member of the Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University; and,

WHEREAS, Mr. Buchanan's service was characterized by a diligent and faithful attendance to his duties and responsibilities as a Trustee, and a dedication to the welfare and progress of the University; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Buchanan served the University and Board of Trustees in its highest offices, in that he was elected vice-chairman of the Board on May 30, 1953, and served continuously in that office until April 11, 1958, when he was elected chairman of the Board, holding that office until the next annual meeting of the Board, at which time, on November 1, 1958, he again was elected vice-chairman, and served continuously as vice-chairman until August 15, 1969; and

WHEREAS, as chairman of the Building Committee of the Board of Trustees for fifteen years and as a member, and sometime chairman, of the executive committee of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Buchanan was instrumental in the physical plant development during years of growth and expansion; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Buchanan's interest in the University was manifest by his presence at public functions, before legislative committees, in audiences before Governors on behalf of the institution, and before other public bodies and gatherings, and in the sustaining support he gave to every aspect of University life and development; and

WHEREAS, by the death of J. Ramsey Buchanan on December 12, 1969, his fellow trustees of Western Carolina University have been saddened, and bereft of his wise guidance and counsel, now, therefore, be it resolved by the Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University that;

1. The Board of Trustees expresses its deep sense of loss upon the death of Mr. J. Ramsey Buchanan, and hereby records the appreciation not only of the Board but of the Administration, faculty, students, and entire University community for his many years of loyal devotion to the University, its causes, purposes, and programs.

2. The Board extends its sincere sympathy to the members of Mr. Buchanan's family.

3. A copy of this resolution be sent to each of Mr. Buchanan's children, and a copy be entered upon the minutes of the Board.

Done, this the 28th day of January, 1970, by unanimous action of the Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University at Cullowhee, North Carolina.

Mr. Mallonee moved that the above resolution be accepted. The motion received a second from Mr. Walsh and the Board was unanimous in its approval of the resolution.

New faculty appointments made since the last meeting of the Board were presented by Dr. W. Newton Turner. They are as follows:

Max Edgar White, Instructor in Anthropology
Geoffrey Victor Reed, Assistant Professor of Economics
Margaret A. Reed, Instructor in Management and Marketing
Fleming Green Vinson, Associate Professor of Spanish

On motion by Mr. E. J. Whitmire, with a second by Mr. Walsh, the appointments listed above were approved.

Dr. Turner also gave a progress report on recruitment for the positions of University librarian and dean, School of Business

Dr. Hyde asked Mr. Walsh, as Chairman of the Instruction Committee, which had reviewed the preliminary M. B. A. proposal to make the report of that committee. Mr. Walsh stated that the Committee had reviewed the M. B.A. proposal as well as the Medical Records Administration major proposal (Exhibits No. I and No. 2, on file in the President's Office) and the NCATE report (Exhibit No. 3, on file in the President's Office), and, after consultation with Dr. Pow, it was the decision of the Committee that these be approved by the Board and he so moved. Mr. Mitchell seconded, and the motion was unanimously accepted.

Dr. Horton, as Vice-Chairman of the Senate, presented proposed changes in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Faculty Senate for the approval of the Board (Exhibit No. 4, on file in the President's Office). Mr. Mallonee moved that these changes be approved. This received a second from Mr. Walsh, and the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Pow gave a resume of the proposed patent policy (Exhibit No. 5, on file in the President's Office), which had earlier been reviewed by Mr. Boyce Whitmire and Mr. Mitchell, and asked for Board approval of the policy and authority to proceed with either or both patent agents, Research Corporation and University Patents, Incorporated, when needed. Mr. Mitchell moved that the Board approve the policy and grant Dr. Pow's request for authority to negotiate with the patent agent or agents. This was seconded by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, and the motion was approved by the Board.

In regard to the proposed State Board of Higher Education study of relationships among the institutions and agencies providing or affecting State higher education, Dr. Pow summarized the letter which he had written to Dr. Cameron West, of the State Board of Higher Education, on December 17, 1969 (Exhibit No. 6, on file in the President's Office) and asked for Board approval or comment on the position taken. Mr. E. J. Whitmire moved that the Board endorse the position taken by Dr. Pow. This motion received a second from Mr. Mallonee, and was passed unanimously.

The next item on the agenda was the budget reduction for this biennium. Mr. Kirkpatrick indicated that our actual enrollment did not meet the enrollment figure projected two years ago. Mr. Kirkpatrick reported that the 5. 26% enrollment deficit for the fall of 1969 was the cause of a proposed budget reduction of $151,149, but, because we had already filled the academic positions, the amount was reduced to $50,426. He added that the 3. 0% enrollment deficit projected for the fall of 1970 could be the cause of a budget reduction of $91,598, but this was to be discussed at a later date.

Enrollment projections for the next ten years (Exhibit No. 7, on file in the President's Office) were presented by Dr. Hyatt with an explanation of the bases used for the projections. Mr. Mitchell moved that the projections be approved. This received a second from Mr. Mallonee, and the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Mr. Whitmire presented the minutes of the meetings of the Building Committee on December 1, 1969, and January 24, 1970. Before the Board took action on the transactions presented in the minutes, he suggested that a change be made in the minutes of the January 24 meeting concerning minimum rate charged for water. He felt the minimum rate should be $3.00 and moved that the transactions of the Building Committee be approved, including the change in minimum water rate. After considerable discussion, Mr. Boyce Whitmire seconded the motion. The vote of the Board was unanimous. Mr. E. J. Whitmire moved that the effective date of the change in water rate be on the March 1, 1970, billing date. This motion received a second from Mr. Walsh, and the Board approved. Mr. Kirkpatrick stated that a notice regarding the change in rate would be included in the February utilities billing.

Next, Mr. Kirkpatrick read a resolution concerning acquisition from the U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare of Building No. 13 and parking space at Oteen Hospital (Exhibit No. 8, on file in the President's Office). On motion by Mr. E. J. Whitmire for approval of the resolution, with a second by Mr. Boyce Whitmire, the resolution was approved unanimously by the Board.

Dr. Pow gave requirements of the State Advisory Budget Commission that the capital improvements requests for the next three biennia be presented by February 2, 1970 (Exhibit No. 9, on file in the President's Office). It was suggested by Mr. E. J. Whitmire that item 14 be changed to include air conditioning of Killian Building as well as the additional floor to the building. Mr. Boyce Whitmire moved that the capital improvements requests with this addition be approved; Mr. Abbott gave the second, and the vote of the Board was unanimous in approval.

Dr. Pow presented a proposal for a planned construction and financing of a combined post office -bank -office building (Exhibit No. 10, on file in the President's Office). Mr. E. J. Whitmire stated that this proposal was discussed by the Building Committee. Mr. Arnold Hyde moved that the proposal be approved. With a second by Mr. Walsh, the proposal was approved unanimously.

At the request of Dr. Pow, Dr. Hamilton and Colonel Williams presented to the Board efforts which University personnel had undertaken with respect to the formation of a new athletic conference. Problems and possibilities of a new conference were elaborated, and reaction of the Board members was given.

Mr. Kirkpatrick presented a resolution authorizing application for Federal funds for water pollution control to be used in connection with sewage disposal plant (Exhibit No. 11, on file in the President's Office) for approval of the Board. Mr. E. J. Whitmire moved that the resolution be approved; Mr. Boyce Whitmire seconded, and approval was granted.

Next, Mr. Kirkpatrick presented for approval of the Board a resolution authorizing the issuing of bonds with which to finance two 400-unit dormitories (Exhibit No. 12, on file in the President's Office). Mr. Walsh moved that the resolution be accepted. This received a second from Mr. Abbott, and the vote of the Board was unanimous.

Dr. Pow announced to the Board that Dr. Daniel J. Boorstin, Director, The National Museum of History and Technology, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C., had been invited to speak at the graduation ceremony on June 7, 1970, and that an invitation to Dr. Preston Valien, Acting Associate Commissioner for Higher Education, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Washington, D. C., to speak at the August 14, 1970, graduation had been sent. Dr. Valien has accepted, and an acceptance from Dr. Boorstin is expected soon.

At 11:30 a. m., Dr. Hyde adjourned the general session meeting and the Board went into executive session immediately. At the request of Dr. Pow, Mr. Brown and Mr. Kirkpatrick remained for the first two items of the executive session. Open Meeting Act

Respectfully submitted,

Wallace N. Hyde, Chairman


Alex S. Pow, Secretary




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