December 4, 1975



The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in regular session on December 4, 1975, at 10:00 a.m. in the Conference Room of Bird Administration Building.


The following members of the Board were present: Mr. Abbott, Mr. Coward, Mr. Gloyne, Mr. Hennessee, Mr. Killam, Mr. Ledford, Mr. Mallonee, Mrs. Owen, and Mr. Patterson. Also present were Chancellor Robinson; Vice Chancellors Brown, Dillard, Stillion, and Stoltz; Mrs. Jakes, Assistant to the Chancellor; Mr. Allman, Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees; Dr. Lovin, Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees; Mr. Reed, Director of Public Information; Dr. Hyatt, Dean of the Graduate School; Mr. Ramsey, Assistant to the Chancellor for WCU Programs in Asheville; and Mrs. Shuler, Secretary to the Chancellor.

In the absence of Chairman Glenn, Vice Chairman Hennessee presided over the meeting.


Vice Chairman Hennessee reported that copies of the minutes of the regular meeting held on September 5 and the special meeting held in Asheville on October 22 had been mailed to each Trustee. No suggestion or correction was made, and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the minutes were approved.


The Trustees had been sent descriptive material on two parcels of property available for sale, one being the home of the late President Emeritus William Ernest Bird, the other the home of the late President Hiram T. Hunter. The Trustees were then polled by telephone and agreed that procedures should be initiated to purchase these properties. Upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the telephone polls were ratified. Mr. Coward requested that the minutes indicate that he did not vote.


Mr. Hennessee presented the recommendations from the Building Committee.

1. Lease of Post Office

Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously approved, the lease on the Cullowhee post office facility was extended from March 1, 1976, to February 28, 1978, at an annual rental rate of $5,060. (A copy of lease is on file with minutes material.)

2. Approval to remove houses

Vice Chancellor Dillard explained that three houses located on University property needed to be removed, these being the Chavis house on Highway 107, the old President's Home on Dicks Gap Road, and a frame house located near the new maintenance building. Upon proper motion duly seconded and approved, approval was given for removal of the houses.

3. Lease of Fire Department Equipment to Jackson County

Negotiations had been underway with Jackson County officials for some time concerning fire protection for the Cullowhee area, and in order to assist the county in providing such fire protection, it was proposed that the University fire equipment he leased to the County of Jackson for a period of ten years and that the University continue to provide facilities for the storage of the equipment for a period not to exceed one year.

Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously approved, lease of the University's fire-fighting equipment to the County of Jackson was approved. (Copy of lease on file with minutes material.)

4. Selection of Architects

The Building Committee met on December 2, 1975, in Asheville and heard presentations from the following architects:

Foy and Lee, Waynesville
Baber, Cort, and Wood, Asheville
Six Associates, Asheville
Lawrence Traber, Asheville
Padgett and Freeman, Asheville
Bertram King, Asheville
Walter Boggs, Asheville
Moore-Robinson, Asheville
Brackett Associates, Hendersonville
Tollison and Doggett, Waynesville

Following these presentations the recommendation was made that the firm of Padgett and Freeman be awarded design contracts on three projects:

Renovation of Moore Hall ($528,300)
Renovation of Reid Gym ($82,000)
Roof Repairs and Exterior Surface of McKee, Hoey, and Bird Buildings ($496,000)

A further stipulation was made that the firm of Reece, McElrath, and Noland be retained as the engineers on these projects.

Upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously carried, the firm of Padgett and Freeman was selected as the architect for the three projects.

5. Approval of architectural plans for Music-Classroom Building

Mr. Henry Foy, architect, and Dr. James Dooley, head of the Music Department, presented the architectural plans for the music classroom building to be located in the area between Killian, Forsyth, and Hinds Buildings. Mr. Foy noted that a fourth floor of the building would be included as an alternate in the bids. Other features to which attention was directed included the recital hall to seat 420 people, the separate entrance to the recital hall, corridors going all the way through the building, and methods to eliminate the noise in the hallways.

Following the discussion of the plans and upon proper motion duly seconded and unanimously approved, the architectural plans were approved to be submitted to Property and Construction Division for final review.


1. Enrollment

Chancellor Robinson reported a winter quarter enrollment of approximately 7000 head count and 6000 FTE students. He also reported that applications for admission to the fall quarter 1976 were up 35-40 percent over the applications for fall quarter 1975. Projections indicate that 7500-8000 students could be handled on the campus, assuming that faculty to accommodate this number of students could be allocated. Dr. Robinson also mentioned that 90-100 students are enrolled in the Cherokee Center.

2. Australia trip

Vice Chancellor Brown described for the Trustees his recent six-weeks trip to Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and New Zealand.

3. Increases in Fee Structure

Vice Chancellor Dillard advised the Trustees that room rates needed to be increased and presented statistics about the total costs at the 16 units of the University System. Following discussion and upon proper motion duly seconded and carried, the room rate was increased to $525 annually, effective fall quarter 1976. Mr. Killam's vote was negative.

The hourly rate for part-time out-of-state students was discussed and upon proper motion duly seconded and carried, the rate for part-time out-of-state students in summer session was increased to $30 per hour and in regular session, to $40 per hour. Mr. Killam's vote was negative.

4. Title IX

Vice Chancellor Stillion, recently appointed Title IX Director, told the Trustees of some implications of the Title IX Act. The University must be in compliance with the Act by July 21, 1976, with the exception of the Athletic and Physical Education Departments, which will need to be brought into compliance by 1978. Dr. Stillion informed the Trustees that Dr. Jim Hamilton, Interim Dean of the School of Education and Psychology, would be the state-wide adviser for athletic departments in the University System as they work toward compliance.

Dr. Stillion then introduced Professor June Benson, study director for Title IX, who reported on the steps taken to notify employees and students about Title IX and the work carried out by faculty and staff members to complete the required self-study. She also outlined the grievance structure for persons who felt they were being discriminated against. Reports on the activities covered by Title IX will have to be made every six months for the next three years and exact records must be kept.

5. Faculty Governance Documents

Vice Chancellor Stoltz told the Trustees that the faculty constitution and the tenure document are awaiting approval from General Administration and that the Faculty Senate had recently adopted a set of bylaws establishing committee structure and methods of operation for the Faculty Senate. A new version of the Faculty Handbook will be prepared after all these documents are approved.


Mr. Chris Martin, from the Instructional Media Service, showed the slide-tape film which had been made at the Mountain Heritage Day on October 25.



With no further business to be transacted, the meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m. for lunch in the Mary Will Mitchell Room of Brown Cafeteria.

Respectfully submitted,

James H. Glenn, Chairman

Helen B. Owen, Secretary


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