October 26, 1967


Conference Room of Bird Administration Building          October 26, 1967

The fall meeting of the Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University was held in the Conference Room of the Bird Administration Building, October 26, 1967 at 11:00 a.m, with the following members present:
Jonathan Woody, Chairman
J. Ramsey Buchanan, Vice Chairman
Morgan Cooper
Frank Forsyth
Arnold Hyde
Tom Mallonee
Harold Mitchell
Dr. Charles 0. Van Gorder
Modeal Walsh
Boyce Whitmire
E. J. Whitmire

Members Absent:
Mrs. Dan K. Moore

Others Present
Paul A. Reid
Frank H. Brown, Jr.
Dr. Guy Burchfiel
Dean Taylor L. Huskins
James E. Kirkpatrick
Doug Reed
Dr. W. N. Turner
J. T. Fain, Hendersonville, N. C.
Anna D. Parker

Mr. Woody extended a hearty welcome to our new member of the Board, Mr. Harold Mitchell, replacing Mr. Sam Ervin, and introduced him to the other members of the Board.

The meeting was then called to order by the Chairman, Mr. Woody, who advised the Board that the election of officers constituted the first order of business.

Upon motion by Mr. Mallonee, seconded by Mr. Cooper, the following officers were unanimously elected:

Jonathan Woody, Chairman
J. Ramsey Buchanan Vice-Chairman

The Chairman reviewed the Standing Committees of the Board and announced that these appointments would be made at a later date.

President Reid presented the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting which was held on July 14, 1967, and reminded the Board that minutes of the Spring meeting held on May 1; the Executive Committee minutes held on August 11 the Building Committee minutes held on July 24, had been mailed to each member. A motion was made by Mr. Boyce Whitmire that these minutes be approved and become a part of the permanent record book, This motion was seconded by Mr. Cooper and unanimously passed.

President Reid next gave the enrollment report and introduced the four Division Heads of the Administration: Dr W. N Turner, Vice-President for Academic Affairs;Taylor L. Huskins, Dean of Student Affairs; James E. Kirkpatrick, Business Manager; Dr. Guy Burchfiel, Director of Public Relations and Summer School, with each giving a brief oral summary of the year's activities. Accompanied by a mimeographed report (See Exhibits #1-4 on file in the President's Office)

It was suggested that the Division Reports be mailed to each Board member about ten days prior to the next fall meeting in order that each member can study the reports before the meeting,

Mr. Boyce Whitmire reported that the Audit Committee met earlier today and approved the State Auditors Report and moved that the Report be approved by the full Board. Mr. Hyde seconded, and the motion carried unanimously

President Reid gave each Board member a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Educational Foundation of Western Carolina University

Upon motion by Mr. Buchanan, seconded by Mr. Cooper the Board unanimously approved the following resolution:

"That the Board go on record as approving the general projects of permanent improvements authorized by the 1967 North Carolina General Assembly and that the Board of Trustees hereby authorized the Chairman of the Board and/or the President, as required, to execute on behalf of Western Carolina University all applications. bonds, reports, agreements and other instruments, letters, writing, and papers, and to bind Western Carolina University as to all agreements made in connection herewith, and to do all acts for the principal in dealings with the Department of Housing and Urban Development and/or other financing agencies the Advisory Budget Commission; the Attorney General of North Carolina; the Budget Bureau; the Local Government Commission; and any other agency required in connection with the application for a loan of $2,720,000 for construction of two 400-bed dormitories and that the Executive Committee be authorized to pass on the time and the interest rate which would come before this board when in session."

A motion was made by Dr. Van Gorder, that the administration be authorized to request approval from the Advisory Budget Commission for the use of $75,000 from surplus dormitories fund to finance the addition to the Laundry. This motion was seconded by Mr. Walsh and unanimously passed,

Upon motion by Mr. Mallonee seconded by Mr. Hyde and passed the administration was authorized to apply to the North Carolina Higher Education Facilities Commission for a grant of $814,000 for the Fine Arts Building.

Mr. Frank Brown next presented the need for determination of in-state and out-of-state residence status of students in North Carolina as recommended by the North Carolina Board of Higher Education Considerable discussion followed and upon motion by Mr. Boyce Whitmire seconded by Mr. Mitchell the Board unanimously passed this recommendation as presented by the Board of Higher Education.

Mr. Kirkpatrick presented the need for increase in out-of-state tuition. Upon motion by Mr. Walsh, seconded by Dr. Van Gorder, the Board unanimously approved the increase in out-of-state tuition from $400 to $600

Mr. Kirkpatrick next asked the Board for a modification in the Car Registration Fee for cafeteria, maids, janitors, and laundry workers explaining that the increase approved at a previous meeting would work a hardship on these employees because of their low incomes. Upon motion by Mr. Mallonee seconded by Mr. Walsh, the Board unanimously agreed that this fee should remain at $1.00 for said employees.

Upon motion by Mr. Cooper, seconded by Mr. B. Whitmire, the Board unanimously approved the proposal for a major in Speech and Dramatic Arts and authorized the administration to proceed with approval from the State Board of Higher Education.

President Reid next presented the need for a policy in regard to office space for retired personnel. A motion was made by Mr. E. J. Whitmire that the Chairman appoint a committee to make a study of this need and present their recommendations back to the full Board. This motion was seconded by Mr. Buchanan and passed

President Reid introduced a discussion on the need for a Research and Development Institute. A motion was made by Mr. Mallonee seconded by Dr. Van Gorder and passed authorizing the administration to explore the possibility of establishing this institute

Upon motion by Mr. Cooper. seconded by Mr. B. Whitmire, the Board unanimously approved the following Capital Improvement Requests to the 1969 N. C. General Assembly and authorized the Building Committee to make whatever additions and modifications they deem necessary

1. Addition to Water Storage Facilities ($200, 000)
2. Addition to Administration Building ($250, 000)
3. Humanities Building ($2, 500, 000)
4. Health & Physical Education Building ($3 000 000)
5. Fire and Ladder Truck ($ 60, 000)
6. Addition to Infirmary ($200, 000)
7. Dormitories - 1200 beds ($4,250 000)
8. Faculty Housing ($300 000)
9. Renovation of Stillwell Building ($200,000)
10. Utilities ($100,000)
11. Walks Drives and Landscaping ($50,000)
12. Fourth Floor to C. D. Killian Building ($150,000)
13. Addition to Camp Laboratory School ($200,000)
14. Addition to Greenhouse ($50,000)
15. Air-conditioning in Hunter Library ($300,000)
16. Air-conditioning in University Center ($ 75,000)

President Reid next presented a list of additional instructional and classified personnel which had been employed since the last meeting of the Board. A motion was made by Mr. Mallonee, seconded by Mr., Mitchell and passed, approving the additional personnel.

President Reid next read a letter from Dr. C. D. Killian, concerning his retirement as Dean of the School of Education and Psychology and requesting permission to continue his work on a part-time basis with exceptional students. A motion was made by Dr. Van Gorder that the Executive Committee be authorized to explore this possibility with full power to act as they deem proper and in keeping with the retirement policy . This motion was seconded by Mr. B. Whitmire and unanimously passed.

President Reid explained to the Board the need for clarification in Retirement Policy previously approved by the Board. Upon motion by Mr. Hyde, seconded by Mr. Mitchell, the Board authorized the Executive Committee to fix a clear policy concerning retirement.

The Chairman next appointed the following committee to study and recommend a policy in regard to office space for retired personnel: Mr. Ramsey Buchanan, Chairman; Mr. Frank Forsyth and Mr. Modeal Walsh.

There being no further business. the meeting adjourned for lunch in the Brown Cafeteria.

Respectfully submitted,
Jonathan Woody, Chairman

Paul A. Reid, Secretary


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