June 14, 1967


Conference Room of Bird Administration Building          July 14, 1967

The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in called session July 14, 1967, in the Conference Room of the Bird Administration Building at 11:00 a.m. with the following members present:
Jonathan Woody, Chairman
J. Ramsey Buchanan
Tom Mallonee
E. J. Whitmire

Others present:
Paul A. Reid

The Chairman called the meeting to order and President Reid presented the Faculty Salary Schedule for the 1967-68 academic year. Upon motion by Mr. Whitmire, seconded by Mr. Mallonee the Board unanimously approved this Salary Schedule. (See Exhibit 4 1 on file in the President's Office).

President Reid next recommended that a policy be fixed concerning the Heads of Departments on summer school teaching. A motion was made by Mr. Mallonee that department heads be limited to one term of summer school teaching unless approved by the Board of Trustees or Executive Committee of the Board. This motion was seconded by Mr. Buchanan and unanimously passed.

Upon motion by Mr. Buchanan, seconded by Mr. Mallonee, the Board unanimously approved the following promotions in rank:

Dr. Ray Sizemore to Professor of Education
Dr. Stephen B. McIntosh to Professor of Education
Mrs. Peggy Ziegler to Assistant Professor of Education
Dr. W. N. Turner to Vice President for Academic Affairs
Frank H. Brown, Jr. to Vice President for Administration

President Reid next presented the Faculty Senate proposal. Considerable discussion followed and upon motion by Mr. Whitmire, seconded by Mr. Buchanan the Board unanimously approved this proposal as presented with certain changes. Mr. Whitmire also stated that the Committee should be commended for their excellent leadership and interest in this new emerging university.

Upon motion by Mr. Mallonee, seconded by Mr. Buchanan, the Committee approved a request to the Board of Higher Education for the establishment of a Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Economics at Western Carolina University.

A motion was made by Mr. Mallonee, seconded by Mr. Whitmire and passed, approving the prospective graduates for degrees at the August 1967 commencement, conditioned upon the completion of all requirements as approved by the Dean's Office. (See Exhibit # 2 on file in the President's Office).

President Reid next read a letter from the U. S. Department of Commerce giving approval of the allocation of $100,000 to supplement the grant for construction of a mental health center at this institution. A motion was made by Mr. Mallonee, seconded by Mr. Whitmire, and passed, accepting this grant.

A motion was made by Mr. Mallonee, seconded by Mr. Whitmire, and passed, that the Board of Trustees notes the receipt of a memorandum from Dr. C. D. Killian, Head, Department of Education and Psychology, and recognizes his long years of service, his interest and the important work which he has done for this institution, but due to the fact that the Board prefers all matters from staff and faculty concerning the Board of Trustees should first be submitted to the administrative head of the college that no action be taken on these recommendations from Dr. Killian.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Jonathan Woody, Chairman

Paul A. Reid, Secretary


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