July 3, 1968


Conference Room of Bird Administration Building          July 3, 1968

The Board of Trustees of Western Carolina University met in a special called session on July 3, 1968, at 11:00 a. m., in the Conference Room of the Bird Administration Building, with the following members present:
Jonathan H. Woody, Chairman
Morgan Cooper
Frank Forsyth
Arnold Hyde
Tom Mallonee
Harold Mitchell
E. J. Whitmire
Modeal Walsh

Members absent:
J. Ramsey Buchanan
Mrs. Dan K. Moore
Dr. Charles 0. Van Gorder
Mr. Boyce Whitmire

Others present:
Alex S. Pow
Frank H. Brown, Jr.
W. Newton Turner
Guy Burchfiel
Taylor L. Huskins
James E. Kirkpatrick
Doug Reed
Mrs. Anna Parker

The Chairman, Mr. Woody, called the meeting to order and welcomed Dr. Alex S. Pow as President of Western Carolina University.

Mrs. Parker announced that the minutes of the last meeting of the Board, which was held on May 11, 1968, would be mailed to the members in several days.

A motion was made by Mr. Mallonee, seconded by Mr. Whitmire, that the following appointments approved by mail should become a part of the permanent minute book:

a. Dr. Taft B. Botner, Dean, School of Education
b. Promotion - Mr. Maynard Adams from Instructor to Assistant Professor in Industrial Arts
c. Promotion - Dr. Stanton Procter from Associate Professor to Professor of Education

Dr. Pow next presented the items of the "C" Budget request, in order of priority, and recommended that an additional 600-unit dormitory be added.

Upon motion by Mr. Mitchell, seconded by Mr. Mallonee, the following "C" budget request was unanimously approved with an additional 600-unit dormitory included:

1.  Water Storage Reservoir, $175,000
2.  Fire and Ladder Trucks, $50,000
3.  Humanities Building, $2,375,000
4.  Add 4th Floor to Education & Psychology Building, $285,000
5.  Addition to Bird Administration Building, $335,000
6.  Renovation of Stillwell Classroom Building, $230,000
7.  Health & Physical Education Building, $3,025,000
8. Surfacing New Tennis Courts, $80,000
9. Walks, Drives, Landscaping, $50,000
10.Air Conditioning Hunter Library, $450,000
11.Addition to Greenhouse, $38,000
12.Addition to Campus Laboratory School, $275,000
13.Faculty Housing, $442,000
14.Alterations to Electrical Distribution System, $250,000
15.Addition to Infirmary , $102,000
16.Three 600-Student Dormitories, $6,120,000
17.Continuation Education & Conference Center, $2,000,000

Considerable discussion followed concerning capital improvements and a motion was made by Mr. E. J. Whitmire that the President, along with other members of the administration, be authorized to include in the "C" budget request to the Advisory Budget Commission, an Continuation Education and Conference Center up to a value of $2,000,000. This motion was seconded by Mr. Forsyth and unanimously passed.

Dr. Turner gave a brief report on the summary of space utilization study made by the Division of Property Control, stating that of all the state institutions Western Carolina University was surpassed in use of classrooms and laboratory space by only one, East Carolina University.

Dr. Pow presented the following preliminary summary of items to be included in the "B" budget request:

1. Approximately 7-1/2% annual increase ($225,000 first year; $472,000, second) in total academic salary allocations, to be awarded to individuals on the basis of merit.

2. Library:

$500,000 one-time appropriation to be spent over two years to bolster library collection by approximately 65,000 volumes. $100,000 annual increase for book purchases.

Additional funds (to be determined) for change to Library of Congress cataloguing system and for above cataloguing.

Additional shelving for books; estimated at $60,000.

Funds for additional library service and services.

3. A fund of $100,000 for first year and $15 0,000 f or second year as the University's matching share of Federal and other grants and contracts for instruction, research, and service.

4. Additional faculty and other expenses (to be determined) to enable School of Business to meet accreditation standards of National Association of Collegiate Schools of Business.

5. Additional faculty (to be determined) to meet expanding enrollment and additional specializations in other divisions.

6. Graduate assistantships (to be determined) to supplement the teaching faculty and to provide support and training for graduate students.

7. Funds (to be determined) to reinforce maintenance, custodial, and police service.

8. Approximately $36,000 annually for the establishment of a Bureau of Business Research. Further study required.

9. A fund of $30 000 per year as seed money to support faculty research efforts. (e. g., student assistants, supplies, minor equipment, and travel during academic year; limited faculty stipends also during summer); to be administered under centrally established policies by a faculty research committee.

10. Additional support for summer and extension activities (to be determined).

11. Additional faculty to permit reductions of academic-year teaching loads of selected faculty members, thus supporting additional graduate instruction and related and other faculty research.

12. Recognition in the non-instructional budget of the administrative and other non-faculty requirements of a growing University by establishing additional non-instructional allocations.

13. A new, larger computer for accomplishment of modern, increased University instruction, research, administration, and service.

14. Support of a Department of Nursing.

15. Support of a School of Allied Health Professions.

16. Other specific school and departmental requests.

Dr. Pow announced plans for summer graduation exercises and related activities, stating that he had secured Mr. Winton Blount, President, United States Chamber of Commerce, to deliver the summer school commencement address on August 16, 1968.

In the way of use of Mr. Blount while in Cullowhee, Mr. Brown presented plans for a buffet dinner immediately following the graduation exercises and stated that an invitation would be extended to a good cross-section of Western North Carolina to attend this dinner as guests of the University. Hopefully, as many as 200 guests would be present for this occasion. Further to utilize Mr. Blount's time to the fullest, a smaller breakfast meeting with regional business and industrial leaders to be held in Asheville on Saturday morning is being planned. Approximately 100 guests would be invited for this occasion. Mr. Brown stated that he hoped as many of the Board members as possible would attend all activities in connection with the summer school commencement.

Dr. Pow next presented the need for a Director of University Development and announced that a person was now available who had a B. S. Degree in Public Affairs and an M. S. in Government Management. He explained that by invitation Mr. Gerald N. Hardy, Director of Field Services with the National Municipal League in New York, had visited the campus and expressed a desire to be considered for this position. Dr. Pow further explained that in all positions held by Mr. Hardy most of the responsibility was in fund-raising and institutional development and that WCU could benefit greatly by his experiences and personal contacts with business firms and government.

A motion was made by Mr. Walsh that the administration request from the Department of Administration the approval of the establishment of a new position, Director of University Development, and that Mr. Gerald N. Hardy be employed at a salary of $18,000 for this position with a $1200 annual unaccountable expense account. This motion was seconded by Mr. E. J. Whitmire and unanimously passed.

At this point President Pow recommended that Mr. Frank H. Brown, Jr. , Vice-President for Administration, be provided an unaccountable expense account in the amount of $1200 annually and that his salary be increased to $19,500 in keeping with the position he now holds.

Considerable discussion followed and a motion was made by Mr. Cooper that the administration request approval from the Department of Administration a salary in the amount of $19,500 for the Vice-President for Administration and that an unaccountable expense account in the amount of $1200 be provided for Mr. Brown. This motion was seconded by Mr. Mallonee, and unanimously passed.

Mr. Kirkpatrick next reported the need for a Consulting and Plant Engineer, stating that for several years now the University had been operating without a trained engineer. Mr. Kirkpatrick further explained that money was available for this position and the administration was now looking for a suitable person.

Mr. Kirkpatrick also reported the need for an unaccountable expense account for the President, explaining that funds were available in a non-state budget fund for such expense.

A motion was made by Mr. Mitchell, seconded by Mr. E. J. Whitmire, and passed, that an unaccountable expense account in the amount of $5,000 be provided for the President.

Dr. Pow explained to the Board that in a previous request made to the Board it had not been stated clearly just what the secretary's duties would be at his office at the University of Alabama. Dr. Pow explained that the secretary has been and would be handling Western Carolina University correspondence on a part-time basis until he assumed full responsibilities at Cullowhee. A motion was made by Mr. Walsh that Mrs. Judy Weeks be paid a salary in the amount of $250 per month for the period of May 1 through August 15 for secretarial work for Dr. Pow. This motion was seconded by Mr. Hyde and unanimously passed.

Dr. Pow raised the question with the Board as to whether or not the request to the Board for approval of appointments was really advisory to the board, or in effect, a possible rescinding of administrative action. The consensus of the Board was that reports to the Board on appointments were advisory in nature, although it reserved the right to request ter mination of specific appointments at some reasonable date in the future. The Board also expressed its wish to be involved by the President on major appointments.

The consensus of the Board was also that the appointment of a committee to search for an Athletic Director should be postponed until the next meeting of the Board.

The Board expressed its wish to have its meetings begin at 10:00 a. m. The Board also expressed to meet approximately quarterly and responded favorably to Dr. Pow's suggestion that a portion of each Board meeting be devoted to in-depth discussion of the University's programs.

Mr. Mallonee stated that he felt it desirable to continue the recent practice of keeping the public generally informed of the plans of the University so as to maintain its interest in the institution's development and program.

Mr. Kirkpatrick explained to the Board the status of Dr. Killian's State of Franklin funds and recommended that the Board rescind the action of the Executive Committee at its last meeting with reference of divorcing the funds of the State of Franklin from the University Business Office. He recommended that we be permitted to phase out the planning part of the program and continue to handle the funds until December 31, 1968.

Upon motion by Mr. Whitmire, seconded by Mr. Mallonee, the Board unanimously approved this recommendation.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Jonathan H. Woody, Chairman

Alex S. Pow, Secretary


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